Result: Scottish Light Line Boat Championships, Scrabster

by David Proudfoot

The Scottish Light Line Championships took place on Saturday the 5th of July out of Scrabster in the far north of Scotland. Competitors enjoyed glorious conditions in what is always a keenly contested competition. 12lb Drennan Distance Beach Cast line was provided to all anglers, with perhaps the biggest part of the light line challenge being in coping with some very rough ground. Cod where conspicuous by their absence as anglers concentrated on fishing for pollack and wrasse on the Dunnet side of the venue.

Edinburgh’s Steve Souter returned 24 fish to win on ‘Silverline’, while Thurso’s Derek Yuille boated the same total to take the 100% score on ‘Stormdrift’. Glasgow’s Hughie Smith was top angler on ‘Hebridean Warrior’. The overall winner was decided on percentage calculation of the boats total catch. Winner Derek Yuille had 24% of the collective catch on Stormdrift just a head of Steve Souter on 22% of the Silverline total.

Kenny Graham claimed the heaviest fish trophy with a 2.82kg cod, and the best specimen award for a 1.64kg ballan wrasse. Dave Proudfoot and Derek Yuille took the pairs title.

Individual results:

1/ Derek Yuille, Thurso 100%
2/ Steve Souter, Edinburgh 100%
3/ Hughie Smith, Glasgow 100%
4/ Gus Mackenzie, Inverness 99.7%
5/ Joe Connolly, Hamilton 78.7%

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