Protect Our Smoothies

by David Proudfoot

smoothhound carcases
This picture has aroused the ire of anglers in the Isle of Wight and throughout the UK showing as it does the carcases of smoothhounds dumped on a slipway near Whippingham on the island.

It is entirely possible that the landing of the hounds was legal and above board as there are few restrictions on the commercial sector targeting this species. However, this is one of the few species of hard fighting sport fish that are available to anglers in the shallow waters around the UK and we think that it is important that they be given some measure of protection from commercial pressure.

The vast majority of boat and shore anglers who fish for hounds treat them with respect and ensure that they are returned to fight another day after weighing and capture.

Expressing your displeasure on social media will not help make changes to EU or Government policy but fortunately there is already a campaign run by the Shark Trust with the aim of establishing protection for some of the smaller shark species. The No Limits organisers have an online petition set up where interested parties can voice their support for  science-based catch limits on smoothhounds, blue shark, tope and other species.

Head over to their website at and sign up now to help protect these valuable sport fish for our future.

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