Northern Bites by Steve Walker – 28th July

by Steve Walker

Few anglers attempted to fish the Wear during the recent heavy flood conditions, with the river being full of debris making fishing almost impossible.  However these conditions are known to encourage eels to become active in the river and those fishing the Hartlepool Pirates match were rewarded for their efforts. Some members fished the Wear and this resulted in some outstanding specimen eels.  Adam Dendrikson had four specimen eels for 7lb 2oz, the best bag of quality eels for several years.  Bill Bradley fished Steetly Pier and had a good summer cod of 4lb 12oz together with two whiting for a total of 5lb 11oz for second place.  Aaron Dixon took third place with an outstanding specimen eel of 3lb 13oz from the river while Dave Robinson also fished Steetly to take three dabs and two whiting for 1lb 15oz.

The unusually heavy seas of last weekend brought a few cod within reach of the shore angler and those in the right place at the right time were lucky to pick up some quality summer fish.  Tynemouth A.C. had a recent match at Seahouses where Dave Hayley won with a nice bag of three cod, best 6lb 13oz, for a 13lb total.  Steve Harper had two wrasse for  4lb and Paul Foster had a cod of 3lb 14oz.

Tynemouth retired members saw twenty anglers fishing at the weekend and they had a bit of a specimen hunt fishing Tynemouth Pier.  John Pearson had three whiting, two coalfish and a plaice for 3lb 12oz. Tony Taylor followed with four whiting and a dab for 2lb 5oz with Dave Bentley in third with a whiting, a dab and a coalfish for 2lb 4oz. Doug Spivey had the heaviest fish, a cod of 1lb 3oz.

Those anglers fishing around Whitley Bay and St. Mary’s report small cod, coalfish, and pouting taking crab and worm baits although nothing of any great size.  Similar results are to be expected from the Durham beaches where plaice, whiting and the odd bass can be taken during daylight hours. Quality whiting continue to be taken after dark.

Mackerel have been very scarce due to the rough weather and the heavy sea has pushed them well offshore. It could be several days before all of the loose weed settles and the water cleans up before they move back inshore.

Prior to this the Ryhope Tuesday evening sweepstake the previous week saw twenty fishing with Wayne Harriman taking the heaviest fish with a flounder of 1lb 2oz ahead of Darren Welsh with a flounder of 14oz.  Steve Rackstraw and John Lovett tied in third place with flounders of 13oz.

The Ryhope sweepstake last week saw ten fishing the Wear still in flood conditions.  Colin Smith won with a flounder of 1lb 4oz, John Surtees had one of 1lb 3oz and Mick Davison had one of 1lb.

The Eastenders sweepstake fished at the Business Park saw twelve out of sixteen landing flounders.  Brian Turnbull had one of 1lb, Steve Maw had a fish of one ounce less for second and he also tied for third place with Jimmy Dunlop with a 14oz fish.

Seaham S.A.C. fished for the Sulgrave Cup on Sunday with around one third of the anglers weighing in twenty-two fish for 13.20lb.  Gary Ramsden won with four whiting for 2.41lb from the Blast Beach. Gary Pye had three for 1.84lb from North Pier for second place and third went to Dean Ambler with three for 1.56lb also from the pier. The heaviest fish was landed by Ernie Watson, a plaice of 1.15lb.

The Ryhope club match in the Tyne on Sunday saw plenty of fish showing over high water with all twenty anglers weighing in.  In zone A Paul Richardson had thirteen fish for 299cm with Ken Hailey in second spot with 221cm, including the longest zone fish of 40cm. Bobby Bland took third with 200cm and Bob Surtees had 175cm in fourth.  In zone B John Lovett had 279cm, including the longest zone fish of 37cm for top spot. J.Laws had 202cmin second and was followed by Alan Burton with 200cm and Keith Clark on 175cm.

The Rutherfords Conoflex Open in the Tyne saw all twenty-five anglers land fish.  Alec Harvey won zone A with fifteen fish for 332cm and Andy Rutherford finished second with eleven for 273cm. Third place went to Neil Cutler also with eleven fish but for 272cm.  Ken McCoy won zone B with a total of ten fish for 264cm. In second was Paul McIntyre who had nine for 251cm and in third Colin Bell had nine for 245cm.

Northumbria Police fished for the Bob Strong Memorial Trophy over two matches; one in the Wear and one in the Tyne on a catch and release points basis.  Overall winner was Steve Foster with a points total of 211.  P.Morgan did well in both matches to finish second overall with 197 points and Ray Edmonds was third with 196 points.  The biggest fish on the Tyne was a flounder of 36cm taken by Steve Elliott and the best out of the Wear was a tie with Ray Edmonds and Jimmy Brookes each having a flounder of 37cm.

Sunday August 2nd sees the Ian Woods Open Boat Competition fishing from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.  Weigh in closes 6 pm prompt.  Registration from 7.30 am at The Royal Quays, North Shields or from selected tackle shops beforehand.  Entry £8 all classes.  This is a heaviest single fish competition and is open to private and charter boats.  Competitors may fish from any port but must weigh in at The Royal Quays. Details and registration Sam Harris 0191-5184561 or e-mail

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