Northern Bites – 09-05-2012

by Steve Walker

Continuing heavy seas in almost winter like conditions have produced a few better sized cod for those anglers prepared to put some time and effort in, with specimens up to 10lb reported. As with last week some anglers have reported taking the bigger cod from the Hartlepool piers on big squid baits, but generally shore sport has been very poor with the seasonal cod in very short supply. Best cod reported was one of 9lb 10oz taken by Brian Rushworth from Roker, his angling partner Jim Brooks followed this up with one of 6lb 6oz. The lower river marks in the Wear and Tyne have produced more cod than the open shoreline and with good numbers of coalfish present in both rivers this year, club anglers have tended to favour the rivers for their matches. While some of the cod and coalfish will still take worm baits the better results have been taken on fresh or frozen crab. The upper river marks however are still producing flounders to ragworm and mackerel baits.
a cod on mussel bait

Colin Bell won a recent sweepstake fished in the Tyne at the British Airways site with 29 fish measuring 529cm, and Steve Williams won another sweepstake match with eight for 260cm. Plaice continue to be evident from many north east marks despite the cold weather. Terry Cussens had one of 2½lb from the Tyne Walkway and Ivan Stott had one of 2lb from Blyth pier.

Dogfish have been reported from several areas lately as they move inshore to drop their egg sacks, most seem to be the lesser spotted dogfish variety, but some reports suggest that the odd small spurdog have also been caught.

Hartlepool Pirates had a reasonable result considering the recent poor conditions when they found a few remaining whiting feeding. S. Shields had 10 weighing a total of 7lb, including the heaviest fish of 1¼lb, P. Shields had eight weighing 5lb 13oz, Steve Swales had six for 4lb 10oz, and Bill Bradley had two weighing 11oz.

Alberta S.A.C. also had a good match in the river Tyne with 15 out of 28 finding fish, mainly coalies and smaller cod. Andrew Hodgkinson had nine totalling 9lb 14oz, Steve Coyle had six weighing 5lb 14oz and David Graves had four for 5lb 13oz.

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