Northern Bites – 03-01-2012

by Steve Walker

A bit of a sea running brought a few cod inshore for those out fishing over the last few days with specimens to 8lb reported from several areas. An angler fishing the Tyne reports throwing some unused mussels into the river only to see a cod, estimated at 20lb plus, take the bait off the surface before disappearing into the murky depths of the river. Whiting continue to dominate catches in the south of the region with the Durham beaches, Hartlepool piers, and marks south of the Tees once again producing massive bags of quality whiting, even in flat calm seas in daylight.
Roker whiting
George Beckett won a St. Mary’s A.C. match with a terrific bag of 51 whiting weighing 42lb; a previous match however was not so productive with winner Dale Miller only needing eight for 3lb 12oz, most of the whiting have been taken from South Gare. George Goldsbrough won a Redcar Navy and Gentleman’s club match with 28 whiting totalling 21lb 1oz, Dave Turner finished second with 12lb 6oz. Richard Warburton and Wayne Smith tied for the heaviest fish each with whiting of 1lb 3oz.

Hartlepool Pirates 2011 results saw Bill Bradley win the winter league with a total of 79lb 14oz, Steve Swales had 52lb 9oz and A. Dendrickson had 38¼lb. Their summer league saw Bill Bradley win with 38lb 1oz, Aaron Dixon had 18¾lb and A. Dendrickson again finished third with 8lb 14oz. Bill Bradley also had the heaviest fish; a smoothound of 7lb 6oz.

A recent Tynemouth retired members match saw Tony Taylor win with nine whiting, eight coalfish and two dabs for a total of 14lb 15oz. Second placed Bob Gascoigne had eight whiting, six coalfish, and two dabs weighing 11lb 2oz ahead of Ken Robinson whose mixed bag of six whiting, four coalfish and two dabs totalled an ounce under nine pounds.

Cleadon A.C. saw 15 out of 30 find fish with whiting coming from all the local beaches and piers. The top rod on the day Neil Cutler had a mixed bag of whiting, one cod, weighing 3½lb, and dabs for 13lb 6oz from South Shields pier. Runner-up Trevor Green fished Roker pier to land eight whiting weighing 7lb 5oz, and John Newcombe had a mixture of cod and whiting from the Tyne for 6lb 2oz.

The Tyne was the productive mark for Keith Smith who won a Blyth match with a mixed bag of whiting and coalfish weighing 5¼lb while Rob Eltringham had flatties and coalfish from Warkworth weighing 3½lb to take second. Junior Robbie Farrell had the heaviest fish; a nice coalie of 1lb 11oz.

The Alberta A.C. Christmas sweepstake on the Tyne saw 37 out of 65 finding fish. Winner Stephen Coyle had 15 totalling 12lb 3oz, Paul Phillipson had 16 for 11¾lb, and Robert Burton took the heaviest fish prize with a superb cod of 8lb 14oz.

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