Norfolk Angling Club News – Kelling December 2016

by Dene Conway

Another fantastic turnout for the Norfolk Angling Club, with 19 members arriving at Kelling for what was forecast to be a cold one with freezing fog, a few of our members were away or ill, so we would have had approximately 25 fishing, which is great for a small Monday night league, well done to all who braved the conditions.

Pegging was left and right of the gate, and as we assembled along the match stretch to what looked a perfect whiting sea, everyone was eager to get started, it was decided before the match that due to the possible numbers of fish we would continue fishing to size limits, so the missed length only match was abandoned, a good choice but for some frustration as they were plagued by undersize whiting and dabs.

A Norfolk whiting

Historically, Norfolk Angling Club have found that the wreck end of the venue normally fishes better than to the left but tonight we were to be shown that venues can often make you rethink and can often throw up surprises, this is why we all fish because you just never know what is going to happen.

Many struggled for the first hour fighting off undersized whiting and dabs, but as the match progressed some good fish were being carded all along the match stretch.

Interestingly, Dene Conway has started producing graphs showing the pegs and catches, an idea which may catch on for record keeping.

Catch distribution from the Norfolk Angling Club match

As the graph shows the first three pegs opposite the carpark seemed to be the hotspots, with most fish coming from around the 80-yard mark.

Luke Scores

This week it was Luke Childerhouse who was on the fish, with a steady stream of sizeable fish to take top spot on the podium with 24 fish for 8lb 62/3oz from peg 1, on peg 2 it was Simon Bone with 18 fish for 6lb 71/3oz taking second place on the podium on fish count back to Adrian Bordianu third week in a row on the podium but this time taking third place with 16 fish for 6lb 71/3oz. Only Russell Taylor on peg 13 was close to the top three and a mere 11/3oz would have moved him into 2nd place as he had 19 fish for 6lb 6oz.

A close fought match but one that clearly shows how important a peg draw can be, and as a few seasoned veterans said last night, “Luck of the Draw”.

In Total 196 sizeable fish were caught and returned with a total weight of 69lb 111/3oz.

Next week’s Norfolk Angling Club match is at Bacton, meet as usual at the Red House Caravan Park, this match is a rover but please make sure you are near someone to record your fish.

Norfolk Angling Club pairs results for last night’s match will be published tomorrow.


  • Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 30pts
  • Simon Bone 29pts
  • Adrian Bordianu 28pts
  • Russell Taylor 27pts
  • Leon Smith 26pts
  • Will Sprules 25pts
  • Ben Nicholson 24pts
  • Ian Childerhouse 23pts
  • Barry Iseton 22pts
  • Adrian Charlie Needham 21pts
  • Richard Hipperson 20pts
  • Dene Conway 19pts
  • Richard Chapman 18pts
  • Billy Rush 17pts
  • Paul Rickard 16pts
  • Tim Walthew 15pts
  • Gary Moore 14pts
  • Ronald de Boer 13pts
  • Dean James Gibson 12pts
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