Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report – May 2014

by David Proudfoot

Trout, redfish, and more trout. The past month has brought some of the best fishing for big seatrout we have seen in a few years. These fish can be caught blind casting around sandbars, points, and bait pods in the morning. When the sun comes up, you can spot these big females in shallow water and cast to individual fish. Sight fishing big trout will test your hunting and casting skills as well as try your patience. Fooling one of these wary fish with a lure or fly can be a challenge but the reward is worth the effort. Try using a DOA CAL in any size either weedless or on a small jighead.
mosquito lagoonmosquito lagoon

Redfish are still in schools in some places and in singles in others. Big fish exceeding 20 pounds can be found schooling and finning throughout the day unless they get a lot of boat pressure. The average reds are pounding the DOA Baitbuster on the surface and will readily take a variety of other plastics as well. Calm days mean the fish are on high alert and will leave long before you get to them if you are making too much noise. Proper glasses are a must as well if you want to spot the fish once the sun is up. I wear RCI  Optics Mosquito Lagoon glasses with copper colored lenses.
mosquito lagoon

Jacks, ladyfish, and tarpon are also starting to move into the area. All three can be found on the deep side of sand bars that are holding plenty of mullet. The first two will eat nearly anything you throw. The tarpon can be much more difficult to fool. Watch for bait schools getting blasted from underneath and birds diving from above. This is some of the easiest and fast paced fishing you will find in the Lagoon. Heavy leader or sevenstrand wire will prevent you from having to constantly retie.
mosquito lagoonmosquito lagoon

Below is a small sample of some recently caught fish. If you want to get in on the action call 321-229-2848 too book your trip or email

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