Good Fishing On The Lancashire Coast

by Jordan Russell

The Lancashire sea fishing has now certainly picked up this week with many species being caught all along the coast from shore, boat and the Gynn Wall. The dark nights drawing early makes it more possible for people to get out after dark and not be out to late. Also the cloudy and rainy weather we have had has certainly helped along with the wind. Flat sea and blue skies seem to be of a past.

Very small tides this week but doesn’t seem to put the fish off, rays, dogfish, whiting, sole, bass have been coming out and ragworm, yellow tails and fish baits seem to be the best at the moment.

Pier member Paul Staniford caught a cracking bass last Wednesday on fresh black and squid. Paul fished in the surf this morning on North Pier using a two hook flapper. He had a smaller bass as well together with loads of tope, doggies, bull huss and a few rays.

Paul Staniford caught this cracking bass last Wednesday

Paul Staniford caught this cracking bass last Wednesday

Fleetwood and District Angling Club fished their latest match last Sunday at the Point and Beach Road.

Conditions were pretty good with a bit of a chop, not to small a tide and it stayed fine weather wise.

Fishing was not to good, at the point mixture of small tope, smoothhound and thornback rays.

Beach Road produced mainly small whiting. Only twelve fished today, a mix of some fishing a league match others just returned from Ireland and also with the triathalon on adding the possibility of struggling to park.

Eight anglers caught fish, Hughie Porter just beating Bob Egan with a catch of thornback and tope, black and squid being the successful bait.


Lancashire Latest News logo1st Hughie Porter 2 thornback 1 tope for 99 points

2nd Bob Egan 2 thornback 1 smoothound 1 whiting for 92 points

3rd John Hughes 3 whiting 1 tope for 30 points

4th Kevin Blundell 1 thornback for 27 points

5th Dave Wilson 1 tope for 26 points

6th John Hodgson 2 whiting for 4 points

7th equal Mike Owen, Phil Lamb 1 whiting for 2 points

The next match is at Morecambe west end beach on Saturday 2nd October with fishing from 2pm to 5.30pm.

Hopefully plaice and thornback will show up.

Dave Brown enjoyed a sessionon the flood. The first four casts produced four rays then a tope followed by doggies and couple of pin whiting. It was non-stop action and Dave couldn’t bait up quickly enough before another fish was on. About 45 minutes before high water tons of grass and weed arrived so he packed up and went home content.

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