Flatfish to the Fore On Fylde Coast

by Jordan Russell

lancashire latest news logoWell with the constant high winds and the wettest two weeks I can remember it’s safe to say the fishing was almost brought to a halt. Now we have settled weather the last couple of days things have started to come together for the fishing, mainly dabs, plaice and some big flounders. There are a few whiting and cod still around.

Hopefully, like the previous years there will be a spring run of cod around April with a chance to catch some more before they leave the coast and the summer species arrive.

Yellow tails and ragworm are the best baits at the moment with small hooks and plenty of small coloured beads.

Tracey Howarth with a flounder caught from the pier

Tracey Howarth with a flounder caught from the pier

Fleetwood and District Angling Club’s latest match last Sunday was at a very windy and fast flowing channel at Fleetwood. The amount of fresh water coming down the river did not help the fishing, but over half the twenty one anglers fishing caught something.

The fishing was almost exclusively small codling apart from an eel and a rockling.


1st Bob Egan 8 codling 49 points

2nd Mark Taylor 5 codling 33 points

3rd Dave Jacks 2 codling 1 rockling 32 points

4th = Ken Stubbs 4 codling 26 points

4th = John Hodgson 4 codling 26 points

4th = Phil Lamb 3 codling 26 points

7th Dave Wilson 2 codling 11 points

8th = Kevin Blundell 1 codling 1eel 10 points

8th = John Hughes 1 codling 10 points

10th = Ray Rodger 1 codling

10th = John Foster 2codling 7points

12th Hughie Porter 1 codling 6 points

13th Gordon Honeyford 1 codling 5 points

After the match it was the AGM and the buffet. Thanks to the staff at the Conservative club for the buffet and the tea and coffee, very much appreciated. The only rule change to affect members, is from now we have no bait bans. Next week’s match is at Marine beach.

Raymond Thompson with a cod

Raymond Thompson with a cod

We have a new group over on Facebook now for boat anglers called Fylde Coast Boat Angling News. Here you will find all the recent catch reports from the boats and we will be running a species competition locally for the boats this year which is free to join, for more details contact Jordan at Bispham angling or Carl Lawton.

As most of you know the weather didn’t let the RNLI Christmas match go ahead but this is to be rescheduled under a different name for around April time so keep your eyes open in this article, the shop and Facebook.

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