Rite Gear Monday Match V

by David Proudfoot

Twenty-one anglers turned out to fish the penultimate Rite Gear Monday Night match on a storm battered and unfamiliar looking Weybourne beach, where the pegs were located from the carpark towards the wreck. Everyone was into fish from the start with undersize dabs and pin whiting prevalent all along the full match length. Several good fish were also showing with Jake Cooper landing a healthy 33cm flounder along with some nice whiting up to 34cm.

The bottom felt very strange with some places feeling sticky and anglers pulling in clumps of grass. The fishing was strange as it varied greatly from one peg to the next, normally consistent anglers were struggling to find sizeable fish and others catching throughout. This can only be attributed to the changes to the feeding ground and the distinct lack of gulleys after the big blow.

Most fish seemed to come from further out and those that were lucky enough to find a gulley made the most of it with Trevor Barnes leading the field for his first win of the league. Trevor landed 12 fish for a total weight of 4lb 12 1/3oz from peg 1 followed closely by Jake Cooper who shifted up from his normal fourth place with a ten fish bag weighing 4lb 8 2/3oz. The third and final podium spot went to Peter Hansell also with 12 fish totalling 4lb 5 2/3. The top three were extremely close but there was a bit of drop in weight to fourth place where Mike Gill weighed in nine fish for 2lb 13oz. Fifth place went to an ever improving Dean Gibson with eight fish for a total of 2lb 11 1/3oz and sixth was Ian Gennery also with 8 fish but weighing 2lb 6 2/3oz. The struggle for supremacy in the Lady’s event was a battle between Ally Barnes, Kimberly Lawn and Mandy Blomfield, with Ally who coming out top lady with four fish weighing 1lb 2/3oz. This score could give her overall champion depending on the final match.

With 101 sizeable fish recorded and the majority returned it was a very enjoyable match and with only one to go, it is going to be a closely fought last outing to decide who will be top dog.

1st Trevor Barnes (30pts)

2nd Jake Cooper (29pts)

3rd Peter Hansell (28pts)

4th Mike Gill (27pts)

5th Dean Gibson (26pts)

6th Ian Gennery (25pts)

7th Iain Molloy (24pts)

8th Billy Temple (23pts)

9th Duncan Anon (22pts)

10th Richard Chapman (21pts)

11th Ally Barnes (20pts)

12th Mark Batson (19pts)

13th Phil Avard (18pts)

14th David Lake (17pts)

15th Brian Van Blerk (16pts)

16th Paul Rickard (15pts)

17th Mandy Blomfield (14pts)

18th Kimberley Lawn (13pts)

All others receive 5pts

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