Plenty Of Fish At Sheringham For Norfolk Angling Club

by Dene Conway

Norfolk Angling Club LogoAfter several weeks of bad weather and various ailments affecting club members it was excellent to see us back to a great turnout again with 20 anglers gracing the Sheringham shoreline.

Pegging was from the groyne after the slipway heading along to the Old High, a fairly cool evening with minimal wind and a slight sea, and expectations were running high.

From the off a small amount of weed was present and those in the lower numbers towards Old High were expected to be at the better end, but as always if your not on them you cant catch them and some struggled to find sizeable fish.

This match certainly showed how far the club has progressed with every angler capable of putting in a good performance as some, myself included went from hero to zero in the space of a week.

norfolk club match

After a bad few weeks and nights of scratching the proverbial head wondering what he was doing wrong, it was Luke Childerhouse who put in an exceptionally strong performance after scaling his baits down and working hard from peg 3, taking top rod honours with an impressive tally of 31 fish for 606pts and 12lb 10oz, after last weeks biggest whiting of the season coming from Mundesley at 40cm, Luke also managed to find one at 42cm which also took the heaviest round prize.

Second place and from peg 1 went to the ever consistent Simon Bone a fair way behind Luke with 25 fish for 479pts and 9lb 152/3oz, but a great performance none the less. Final podium spot and a first time for John Catchpole narrowly missing out on 2nd place with 22 fish for 433pts and 9lb1/3oz from peg 5.

NAC Sheringham Scores January 2018

Surprisingly only one flatfish was caught and that went to Roger Cunnington with a plump 27cm dab taking heaviest flat prize for the evening.

A warm welcome was also extended to new member Richard Ling who managed an 11th place for his first time out with the NAC well done mate and also to a guest angler and son of Ninian, Conall Wharton who showed his father how it was done. Another impressive performance was our junior angler Jimmy Shaul who managed a top ten placing out of twenty anglers which is a great achievement.

A total of 203 sizeable fish were caught for 81lb 2/3oz, showing once again how well our coastline can fish.

The level of commitment by club members and their willingness to share knowledge and help one another makes our club what it is today, with that in mind if anyone feels they are struggling please do not hesitate to ask, well done to everyone.

Full results

  1. Luke Childerhouse 30pts – 31 fish – 12lb 10oz
  2. Simon Bone 29pts – 25 fish – 9lb 152/3oz
  3. John Catchpole 28pts – 22 fish – 9lb1/3oz
  4. Adrian Bordianu 27pts – 20 fish – 8lb 31/3oz
  5. Russell Taylor 26pts – 11 fish – 4lb 142/3oz
  6. Roger Cunnington 25pts – 12 fish – 4lb 14oz
  7. Ian Childerhouse 24pts – 12 fish – 4lb 6oz
  8. Richard Hipperson 23pts – 9 fish – 3lb 13¾oz
  9. Dene Conway 22pts – 9 fish – 3lb 11oz
  10. Jimmy Shaul 21pts – 9 fish – 3lb 6oz
  11. Richard Ling 20pts – 6 fish – 2lb 111/3oz
  12. Gregory Kiddell 19pts – 7 fish – 2lb 10oz
  13. Barry Iseton 18pts – 7 fish – 2lb 71/3oz
  14. Nathan Drewery 17pts – 5 fish – 2lb 11/3oz
  15. Charlie Needham 16pts – 5 fish – 2lb
  16. Keith Shaul 15pts – 4 fish – 1lb 12oz
  17. Conall Wharton 14pts – 3 fish – 1lb 4oz
  18. Billy Rush 13pts – 3 fish – 151/3oz
  19. Ninian Wharton – 2 fish – 13oz
  20. Dave Mathers – 1 fish – 51/3oz
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