Norfolk Angling Club Fish Salthouse Shingle

by Dene Conway

Norfolk Angling Club LogoBooked in we had 32 anglers, but due to work and vehicle issues four sadly couldn’t attend at the last minute, so with a fantastic turnout we still had 28 anglers on the beach. Pegging was left and right of the road. As always the weather men had it wrong as the forecasted strong NW wind was more like a slight breeze. However, the wind from during the day had certainly brought a good swell on which made it difficult for many. Weed was also prevalent and a few pegs struggled with snags.

Salthouse or “shitehouse” as it is sometimes known can be an amazing venue but it can also provide some gruelling scratchy matches and this was the case tonight with only eight out of the 28 managing to find a fish. Tonight’s match was a length only match so every centimetre over 18cm would count to your final tally with all fish being returned as per normal.

Moon rising to the right at Salthouse

Top rod on the night was Peter Simmonds taking full advantage of his end peg to the right managing to scratch out three fish for 75cm including a bass of 36cm. Second place went to Russell Taylor with two fish measuring 56cm, including a cracking dab of 31cm. The final podium spot went to Dene Conway winkling out a rockling early on and then a last cast dab giving him a total of 42cm.

Peter Simmonds with his bass

Peter Simmonds with his bass

A very tough night for all with some packing up and calling it a night before the end but September is renowned for being a tough month, on a plus note things can only get better, well done to all who attended.

Next weeks match is at Overstrand, and so far the sand venues have certainly been fishing better than the shingle, lets hope this one produces some better bags. Please book in as early as you can especially with bait orders and if you can get to the shop to pick your bait it it would be a great help, those who can’t I will bring baits as per normal.

Full results

  1. Peter Simmonds 30pts
  2. Russell Taylor 29pts
  3. Dene Conway 28pts
  4. Mark Cox 27pts
  5. Andrew Bunn 26pts
  6. Dave Mathers 25pts
  7. John Harvey 25pts
  8. Gregory Kiddell 23pts
  • Paul Grothier 5pts
  • Martin Cole 5pts
  • Eddie Bowie 5pts
  • Chick Roper 5pts
  • Barry Iseton 5pts
  • Colin Clifford 5pts
  • Nathan Boughen 5pts
  • Chippy Mortimer 5pts
  • John Catchpole 5pts
  • Neil Haynes 5pts
  • Anthony Holmes 5pts
  • Richard Ling 5pts
  • Richard Craske 5pts
  • Eamon R Finch 5pts
  • Martin Wheeldon 5pts
  • Matt Lawes 5pts
  • Andrew Turk 5pts
  • Simon Bottomly 5pts
  • Richard & Lisa 5pts each
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