2019 Joc Goudie Matchman’s Cup

by Dene Conway

21 anglers turned up to brave the 30 to 40 mile an hour winds predicted by the forecasters, how wrong they were. Yes, it was windy but easily fish-able with the wind in a WSW direction meaning it was coming over the left shoulder.

With a slight drizzle and fairly chilly to say the least, the sea state had a slight chop in close but again no weed and this time plenty of fish for all.

Pegging was as normal left and right of the car park but as always with this venue your either on the fish or your not, the whole venue holds pockets of fish at various distances and if you get in among them fish hard and fast.

Kelling score chart

The winter species have certainly arrived in numbers, fishing an unfavourable tide an hour after high we expected a slow start, but as the match went on plenty of sizeable and undersized fish were caught and released.

Top rod on the night and a first time top place for Nathan Drewery on end peg 21 with 20 fish for 8lb 81/3oz and now Nathan is the 2019 Joc Goudie Matchman’s Cup winner, well done.

Second podium spot went to Richard “The Coach” Hipperson on peg 16 with 17 fish for 7lb 52/3oz including a cracking 42cm whiting. Final podium spot went to Leon Smith on peg 8 with 19 fish for 6lb 71/3oz.

A total of 224 fish were caught for a total weight of 77lb 31/3oz. The heaviest roundfish on the night was Richard Hipperson with a whiting of 42cm and heaviest flatfish went to Ian Childerhouse for his a 29cm dab, well done to all who fished.

Richard's 42cm whiting

Richard’s 42cm whiting

Next week’s match is at Cley, please book in early, we should have plenty of rag, lug and yellowtails available.

Please note now that numbers of fish are up, everyone needs to fill out their match cards clearly and get them signed off from the person next to you, if unsure please speak to one of the committee and we will happily show you. Also please note when its busy its always preferred if you go to the person on your right to get card signed unless they are reeling in, or away from peg.

This makes things fair for all involved, please also make sure fish are returned in front of the person signing and you must return the fish yourself, if in doubt please ask.

Please book in early for next weeks match.

Full Results

  1. Nathan Drewery 20 fish – 8lb 8 2/3oz 30pts
  2. Richard Hipperson 17 fish – 7lb 5 2/3oz 29pts +5 round
  3. Leon Smith 19 fish – 6lb 7 1/3oz 28pts
  4. Dene Conway 16 fish – 5lb 14 1/3oz 27pts
  5. Ian Childerhouse 14 fish – 5lb 8 2/3oz 26pts +5 flat
  6. Ian Wells 15 fish – 5lb 7oz 25pts
  7. Simon Bottomley 15 fish – 5lb 3oz 24pts
  8. Andrew Bunn 12 fish – 4lb 15 1/3oz 23pts
  9. Russell Taylor 13 fish – 4lb 10 2/3oz 22pts
  10. Alan Tew 10 fish – 4lb 2 2/3oz 21pts
  11. Billy Rush 12 fish – 4lb 20pts
  12. Roger Cunnington 11 fish 3lb 8 2/3oz 19pts
  13. Chick Roper 10 fish – 3lb 3oz 18pts
  14. Dave Mathers 8 fish – 2lb 14oz 17pts
  15. John Catchpole 9 fish – 2lb 10oz 16pts
  16. Barry Iseton 6 fish – 2lb 15pts
  17. Tyler Rush 4 fish – 1lb 13 2/3oz 14pts
  18. Sam Ellis 5 fish – 1lb 10 2/3oz 13pts
  19. Roy Sadler 4 fish – 1lb 8oz 12pts
  20. Johnathan Trivett 5 fish – 1 lb 6 2/3oz 11pts
  21. Neil Rowe 10pts 2 fish – 8 2/3oz
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