Cod Showing On Lancashire Shores

by Jordan Russell

Despite poor weather making the conditions unfishable on a number of days anglers who ventured out on the Lancashire coast managed to find cod and whiting.

Anthony Roney saw the window in the weather and decided to grab a quick chance at low water. It turned out to be a great little session as he had five fish and lost a couple. The biggest just touching 6lb and 60cm with the others ranging fro 2 to 3lb, all falling to black and squid.

Adam with his cod

Adam with his cod

Fleetwood and District Angling Club were out at Beach Road where they enjoyed a bit of a whiting fest.

As expected with the southerly winds the cod fishing was rubbish, only two caught, David Hoyle and Phil Lamb the lucky anglers who are on cod for tea.

Twenty nine anglers fished everyone caught fish. Could have done without the rain and the weed was a bit of a pain at times. Worm tipped with fish, or just sandeel was the go to bait..

Very close match but congratulations to David G Hutchinson who was top rod on the day.

Top Ten Results

  1. lancashire-news-logoDavid G Hutchinson 17 whiting for 133 points
  2. Dave Norton 12 whiting 5 dabs for 125 points
  3. John Hodgson 13 whiting for 119 points
  4. Dave Hoyle 6 whiting 5 dabs 1 cod for 113 points
  5. Neil Porter 15 whiting for 112points
  6. Trevor Barnett 12 whiting 2 dabs for 101 points
  7. Bob Egan 12 whiting 2 dabs for 89 points
  8. Tony Baxter 8 whiting 3 dabs for 87 points
  9. Steve Nicholson 10whiting 2 dabs for 85 points
  10. David Bayliss 8 whiting 1 flounder for 82 points.
  • Fish worth the most points Dave Hoyle cod 45cm 44 points

Next weekend it is the Hookers Bait Open on Saturday, we hope the club members do well and win a few prizes and on Sunday the club match is at the Miners Home, and is a combined flat and round match with fishing from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

The AGM went off ok, although we could have done with a few more members there, but after getting wet and cold at the club match, sitting in front of a warm fire was more appealing.

Leyland and District club were in action at Five Bar Gate, Cleveleys.

  1. Fred Howard with 15 fish; whiting, dabs and 3 cod to 52cm which was also the biggest fish, & scoring 226 match points.
  2. Stuart Pilkington with 7 fish; dabs, whiting and a 51cm cod, scoring 96 points.
  3. Mick Darlington with 14 whiting and dabs, scoring 61 points.
  4. James Dewhurst with 11 dabs and whiting, scoring 59 points.
  5. Neil Stoneley with 12 dabs scoring 51 points.

Thanks to the 15 members who supported the match, everyone caught. And thanks again to Jordan Russell of Bispham Sea Angling for the excellent bait.

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