Andorja shore fishing spectacular

by David Proudfoot

Recently established Tacklebox Holidays will be exploring boat and shore angling opportunities across various countries and new northern venues in the year ahead. If the advance party’s results are any indicator then there promises to be superb fishing for travelling anglers to look forward to.

The original Tacklebox Holidays plan was to embark upon a campaign of exploratory shore fishing expeditions throughout 2011 between April and November. But a group of hardy sea anglers from Wales couldn’t wait that long and embraced the prospect freezing conditions in search of Norwegian shore-caught cod. The Welsh anglers arrived at the excellent Tacklebox fishing camp in Andorja, Northern Norway intent on sampling the local shore fishing.Andorjais an island stunningly situated amidst spectacular scenery and the highest island mountains in Scandinavia.

Cod were never in short supply with fresh herring baits proving particularly effective. A good sized halibut interrupted the cod action but this was unfortunately lost at the shoreline as the excited anglers struggled to land it. Best cod of the early sessions was 17½lb fish, which smashed Paul’s previous personal best to smithereens.

Shaun was promptly in double-figure cod action too, dragging a fine 15½lb cod up onto the snow at his feet after a fabulous fight through crystal clear water. Everyone in the group caught double-figure cod and cracked personal bests, and as dusk turned to full dark the cod fishing was non-stop. The virgin mark was named the Pembrokeshire platform and is just one of an infinite number of easy-to-access and easy-to-fish shore marks in this fabulous part of Norway.

norway shore


Andorja is fantastically unspoiled, and the cavorting array of large wildlife is eye-popping to witness. Elk, reindeer, eagles, whales and all sorts of other creatures can be observed while fishing or exploring. Imagine your rod thumping to the tune of a big cod, while the Northern lights dance their silent music overhead. Awe-inspiring really is not too powerful a term.

The cod highlight came three days into the trip when Neil landed a lunking 28lb cod… but there were so many quality fish and great fishing sessions that it is perhaps unfair just to single out the biggest fish. Andorja Island is a place of potentially huge fish and countless undiscovered marks. Our adventuring Welsh foursome had the time of their lives, and plotted a return to Andorja long before returning to the UK. This is only one of many new locations that Tacklebox holidays has fantastic access to. If you like what you see then why not call to discuss locations and travel packages?

Tacklebox Holidays are taking bookings now, and there are various exciting opportunities for shore fishing, kayaks and self drive boat fishing holidays available throughout the 2011 season. Visit for more details, or call 0800 032 8855 or 0044 (0)1273 588280.

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