Extreme Beach Fishing Tips

by David Proudfoot

The north coast of Somerset and the huge tidal flow of the Bristol channel, the waters are coloured. There are huge open beaches and tackle-hungry reefs, but make no mistake for this stretch of British coastline can throw up some fantastic specimens of fish. From thornback ray the size of a dustbin lid to 5-ft conger eels. From double-figure bass to huge smoothhounds. Fishing with Craig Butler of West Coast tackle and friends, Graeme takes the Totally Awesome Fishing Show to a couple of superb areas, one is a beach, the other, a prehistoric “secret” mark that many will never have seen before. Fishing filmaker Graeme reckons he has the first exclusive footage of this incredible seascape.

It was a journey that seemed to go on forever through rockpools and over boulders, as the only time you can fish here is for a three hour period at low tide. And Graeme gets some amazing, exclusive and AWESOME footage of the best beach caster and angler Graeme has ever seen. Courtnay Creech is the man to watch if you want to see the perfect pendulum cast. Courtnay is a Smoothhound master, and is a veritable fishing machine. Feast your eyes on just part of an incredible catch he took in just two-3 hour evening sessions. Almost every hound was a double, a historic feat and TOTALLY AWESOME

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