In the air, on the beach and under the sea at Embo for flounder

by David Proudfoot

Longer than my usual submissions this is a sunny September morning on the beach at Embo on Sutherland’s east coast looking for flounders.

There were plenty of flounders about but all on the wee side but still an enjoyable session. All the fish came to home frozen mackerel.

The rod I use for close in work is the 4.2m Colmic Teknika XT coupled, in the case with a Mitchell Avocast 8000. This model of the Teknica has been replaced by the Teknica Pro.

The video features footage from a Parrot Anafi drone, the Xiaomi Yi action cam and the Spydro underwater camera.

The timings from the video files allowed me to match the underwater footage with what I was seeing on the rod tip.

Spydro Underwater Footage Times

05:52 –
08:05 –
11:04 –
15:05 –
16:22 –

Parrot Anafi:

Xiaomi YI Action Cam:…

Spydro Underwater Camera:

flounders off Embo beach

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