Small Tides And Weather Affect Lancashire Sea Fishing

by Jordan Russell

It has been a quieter week for Lancashire sea anglers out fishing due to the weather and small tides. But there have been some decent fish caught by the anglers who ventured out. Fleetwood has been very good for good size bass and cod.

Ash with a cracking bass caught today using lugworm

Ash with a cracking bass caught using lugworm

Fleetwood and District Angling Club had a road trip out to Morecambe which proved disappointing, due to the weather and some members forgetting how to get out of Fleetwood, only eleven fished.

Fish were in short supply, only plaice and small whiting caught.

Dave Hutchinson (Blackpool) found the most fish having three plaice straight down from the car park. Dave Bancroft fishing near to him had a plaice and a whiting, most of the others had single fish.


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  1. Dave Hutchinson – 3 plaice for 38 points wins £26
  2. Dave Bancroft – 1 plaice 1 whiting for 19 points wins £19
  3. Alan Smith – 1 plaice 1 whiting for 16 points
  4. Trevor Barnett – 1 plaice 2 whiting for 11 points
  5. Hughie Porter – 1 plaice for 8 points
  6. John Hodgson – 1 whiting for 6 points
  7. Mark Taylor – 1 plaice for 2 points

Biggest fish went to Dave Hutchinson for his plaice of 33cm, wins £11. Next Sunday’s match is at Dronsfield Road.

Unusual shot of Dave Brown in the daylight

Unusual shot of Dave Brown in the daylight, still catching cod

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