Northern Bites – 30/01/10

by Steve Walker

Shore sport was patchy throughout the region during most of last week with cod generally proving to be scarce. However Andrew Stanton pulled out a monster of 20lb 10oz from Craster in an Alnwick club match, he also had a comparative tiddler of 9lb to go with it in a bag total of 34lb. Roker pier continues to fish well for some bigger cod where Trevor Green had one of 8lb 11oz, Stu Carr had one of 8.5lb, and Anthony Curtiss had one of 7.4lb. Bob Gascoigne had nine cod to 4½lb from South Shields pier and Ian Peacock won the Seaham Coronation Cup with two cod for 11.26lb, best 7.55lb. Dave Hood won a Seaton Sluice match with three cod for 11lb 5oz, Barry Tweddle taking the heaviest fish prize at 6lb 2oz. The river Tyne has slowed down a little but some anglers are still picking up better cod to 5lb amongst the smaller ones. Up in Scotland the Arbroath area continues to attract visiting anglers where Dave Cruddas won a Seaton Sluice travel match with a cod of 8lb 6oz.

At other times it has been the ever reliable whiting and flounders that have kept anglers busy with specimens of both species to over 2lb reported, however, a number of club matches have struggled to produce any big weights recently. With heavy seas forecast for this week during very big tides, there is a good chance of some big double figure cod showing from all areas.

Alnwick AC competition full results saw Andrew Stanton land five cod weighing 34lb 8oz including the heaviest fish at 20lb to take first place. Second place went to Paul Buddles with two cod for 3lb 11oz while a single fish of 2lb 11oz was enough to give Kevin Donnelly third spot.

Tynemouth A.C. fished on Sunday with ten out of thirty-two weighing in mainly flounders and whiting. Top rod Wilf Reed had four flounders and a whiting for 4½lb while in second Mick Styles had a fine specimen whiting for 1lb 9oz. Norman Douglas finished third with a flounder and a whiting weighing 1lb 6oz.

The Tynemouth Winter League match the next day produced less fish but at least a few cod were taken with just two out of eighteen finding fish. Shaun Blake had three cod for 7lb, best 2lb 12oz from Whitley Bay beach, to take first place. Dave Hayley also fished here and had the only other weighable, two whiting for 1½lb.

Cleadon A.C. also struggled to find any numbers of fish with only four out of thirty-two bringing fish to the scales. Stan Hailstone fished South Shields pier to land a single cod of 4lb 3oz which took first prize. Runner-up Stephen Brown had a single cod of 2lb 9oz from Tynemouth while third placed John McLaughlin had a cod of 1½lb from the pier. In fourth Ollie Feenan had a cod of 1lb 6oz from the Walkway.

S.B.R.A.A.C. saw four out of eleven weigh in cod and flounders. First placed Steve Alexander had two cod for 3lb 11oz from Whitley Bay beach. Gary Wilson had the heaviest fish, a cod of 2lb 10oz, plus a flounder for a total of 3lb and second place. Kevin Moffat finished third with a cod of 2lb 1oz from Blyth pier.

Sunday February 14th sees the Ian Golds Open at Seaham fishing from 12 noon till 5pm. Top prizes for the heaviest fish are £500, £300 and £200 with a supporting prize table worth £2000. Contact Seaham A.C. on 0191-5810321 or visit their website at

Cleadon AC thirty-two anglers fished with four weighing-in; 1st Stan Hailstone cod 4-3-0 (South Shields pier), 2nd Stephen Brown 2-9-0 (Tynemouth Beach), 3rd John McLauchlin cod 1-8-0 (South Shields pier), 4th Ollie Feenan cod 1-6-0 (South Shields pier)

St Mary’s result nineteen anglers fished with twelve weighing-in; 1st T Dalton seven fish 5-4-0, 2nd A Gate six fish 5-0-8, 3rd J Hannan five fish 4-1-0, heaviest fish C Dalton 1-7-0.

South Beach Residents AC thirteen anglers fished with three weighing-in; 1ST Steven Alexander single cod 2-7-8, 2nd Kevin Moffatt two flounders 1-4-9, 3rd Phil Smithson a flounder 1-4-9.

Friarage Sweepstake 1st, 2nd & 3rd Barry Pattinson cod 9-5-0, cod 5-15-0 and a whiting of 1-10-0 from Steetley won £150. These matches are to be a regular event, contact John Readman at the shop on 01429-273145 for details.

Jarrow Alberta SAC seventeen anglers fished with five weighing-in; Joint 1st Micky Dellin with six fish and Kevin Cruddas with a cod both weighing in 5-1-0, 3rd Ray Harrison 0-11-0, 4th Alan Bennet 0-9-0, 5th Mark Dalglish 0-8-0. Kevin’s cod was also the heaviest fish. Final places 1st Micky Dellin 50pts, 2nd Mark Dalglish 49pts, and 3rd Andrew Hodgkinson 48pts.

B.O.T.A.C. Sunday League thirty-two anglers fished with ten weighing-in; 1st Wilf Reed with four flounders and a whiting for 4lb 8ozs, 2nd Mick Styles with the heaviest fish, a whiting of 1lb 7oz, 3rd Norman Douglas a single whiting and a flounder for 1lb 6ozs

B.O.T.A.C. eighteen anglers fished with only two weighing-in; 1st Sean Blake three cod weighing 7-0-12, 2nd Dave Hayley two whiting for 1-8-0; both fished Whitley Bay Beach.

Hartlepool W.C.S.A.C. 1st Steve Brown weighed two cod for 6-6-0, 2nd Marc Wallace a cod and a dab for 5-4-0, including the heaviest fish with his cod at 5-0-0.

Hartlepool O.M.A.C. nineteen anglers fished with fourteen weighing-in a total of forty-five whiting, cod, flounders and dabs for 37-8-0, 1st Dean Athey weighed a mixed bag of cod and whiting for 9-3-0 including the heaviest fish, a cod of 4-6-0, 2nd Dean Sanderson 4-8-0, 3rd Steve Sweeney 4-1-0, joint 4th Brian Crowe & Jay Kelly with cod of 1-10-0.

Ryhope Sweepstake 1st Mick Davison cod 2-13-0 from Featherbed Rocks 2nd John Lovett cod 2-1-0 from Hall Beach, 3rd Darren Welsh flounder 1-13-0 from the Wear.

Ryhope SAC eighty-five anglers fished with ten weighing-in; 1st Steve Harriman weighed a single cod of 2815grm 2nd Lee Burton two cod 1545grm (both fished Targets) 3rd John Wilson with a cod and a coalie for 1435grm from the Tyne. The heaviest flatfish was landed by Gary Dunn at 1-11-0 from the Wear and top junior was Thomas Rutherford with 330grm taken from High Ledge.

Seaton Sluice H.W. fourteen anglers fished with nine weighing-in; 1st Dave Hood with three cod for 11-5-0 from Newbiggin Bay, 2nd Barry Tweddle again with three cod 11-0-0, including the heaviest fish of 6-2-0 while fishing the Needles Eye, 3rd Mal McIntyre three cod for 6-10-0 from Private Beach, 4th Dave Cruddas two cod for 4-6-0 from the Sumps.

Final league results 1st Barry Tweddle 85-1-0, 2nd Ronnie Forrest 60-8-0, 3rd Chris Guthrie 44-13-0, 4th Andrew Stanford 40-11-0, 5th Mal McIntyre 39-14-0, 6th Steve Potts 37-15-0, 7th Gavin Owen 36-11-0, 8th Tony Stanford 28-0-0, 9th Brad Hill 25-5-0, 10th Gary Appleton 20-11-0.

Seaton Sluice (Arbroath 2 days) Day 1 – 1st Barry Tweddle three cod for 7-6-0, heaviest fish 3-6-0, 2nd Tony Stanford two cod weighing 4-14-0, 3rd Brian Clennell a single cod of 2-0-0. Day 2 – 1st Dave Cruddas the single heaviest cod of 8-6-0, 2nd Nigel Gemmell two cod for 7-0-0, 3rd Scott Davison a cod of 6-9-0, 4th Tony Stanford a cod of 2-0-0.

Workington & Dist SAC fished at Whitehaven. All ten anglers weighed in for this measure& release match. 1st Mike Laycock landed five dabs for 21pts, 2nd Dere Foster had five dabs for 20pts, and 3rd Ron Hawley measured three dabs and a whiting for 18pts. Junior angler Matthew Smith landed one dab 4pts and Ron Hawley had the biggest fish.

Seaham Coronation Cup fifty-six anglers fished with six weighing-in; 1st Ian Peacock with two cod for 11.26lb including the heaviest at 7.55lb, 2nd George Hope weighed a single cod of 5.76lb, 3rd Gary Pye had two cod for 4.06lb. First place in the pairs went to Ian Peacock & Gary Pye with four cod weighing15.32lb.

Eastenders Sweepstake twenty-one anglers fished with fifteen weighing-in twenty flounders and twelve codling. 1st & 4th places went to Darren Welsh with cod of 3-11-0 and 2-3-0 respectively from Ryhope Steps, 2nd Phil Wright with a cod of 3-3-0 from Roker Beach, 3rd Steve Rackstraw weighed a cod of 2-4-0 from Ryhope Beach.

Seaham Badger Open thirty-nine anglers fished with eight weighing-in; 1st Dean Ambler with the single heaviest fish a cod of 3.5lb, 2nd Kevin Cummings a cod 3.34lb, 3rd Ian Griffiths a cod 2.79lb. Heaviest bag went to Ian Griffiths with a five fish total weighing 10.59lb and pair’s prize went to Dean Ambler and J Barrass who weighed in five fish for 10.49lb.

Eastenders Open seventeen anglers fished but only Brian Turnbull weighed in with a single cod of 1-6-0 from Shields Walkway.

Westoe SAC seven fished; 1st Trev Davidson with five whiting for 4.12lb, 2nd Mick Jewit weighed in a mixed bag of cod and whiting for 4.8lb including the heaviest fish, a cod of 3.6lb.

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