Lancashire Sea Fishing Fluctuates Between Good And Poor

by Jordan Russell

lancashire latest news logoThe fishing on the Lancashire coast is a bit up and down this week, the same as the weather. The Gynn Wall has seen plenty of sole over the past few days and the lads that are fishing short with small baits and hooks are finding success. There are a few small bass still knocking about in the surf along with the occasional small codling.

As the weather gets set to warm up next week it should put everything back to normal and start to see the summer species push inshore from the deeper water where they are loitering. Plenty of bass are showing at low water in the surf at the moment with people having multiple fish in a session.

Wayne Marshall fished low tide on Friday evening to the right of north pier with his mate. The first fish came one hour before low and they had 11 fish in total. One Dover sole, eight Bass and two whiting right at the end made up the catch. Wayne followed that with a session up at Redbank Road over high tide.

Wayne Marshall with a nice bass

Wayne Marshall with a nice bass caught on black lugworm

He managed a decent dab and a small whiting before the seaweed came and the wind got up. Everything was caught on fresh black lugworm.

Fleetwood and District Angling Club fished a match at the Miners Home stretch of the Gynn Wall last Sunday. It was a combined flat and round event.

Of the fourteen anglers fishing only three had the required flatfish and round fish. Flat fish were in short supply with a couple of plaice and a few sole caught. Only a single flounder was landed, which is quite unusual. Of the round fish there were whiting, tope pups, thornbacks and bass.

Congratulations to John Hodgson on winning his first club match. John’s whiting and sole were worth 24 points. In second place was Ray Rodger with a bass and plaice for 22 points and in third position Trevor Barnett with a whiting and flounder for five points. So the fishing was not that good today, hopefully things will improve next Saturday at Cleveleys new prom.

Paul Brown with a bass caught at low water

Paul Brown with a bass caught at low water

Leyland and District Angling Club found the fishing grim on the Gynn on Monday. There was a load of weed on the very busy Wall with poor catches all round. The catch and release match featured tope pups, whiting, dogfish, bass and sole. Best bait on the day black lug or ragworm tipped with bluey.


1st Peter Pilkington 269cm mainly tope pups

2nd Keith Whittle 98cm

3rd Alan Smith 84cm

4th Brian Nixon

5th Norman Pilkington

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