Going Dutch – May 2012

by David Proudfoot

The last few weeks we have been catching a lot of dabs and small bass from the beaches in Zeeland. In the Delta where the water flows very fast a number of garfish are being caught using light tackle or floats.

Dutch beach fishing

At the pump station on the Brouwers Dam, which pumps water at high tide from the north sea into the Greveling lake, schools of herring come through the pump into the Greveling these are being caught in the mouth of the pump station with feathers, hundreds of people wait at this point to fish, there is even a fast food caravan open there all day. This is not fished by the normal sea angler and is left to the tourists. In the deep harbours of the Maasvlachte everyone is waiting for the large bass to arrive and in the meantime spring cod and a lot of dabs and flounders are being caught.

Holland has been invaded by a small fish called in Dutch a grondel, or goby in English, the harbours are full of them and it is difficult not to catch them. Even using 2/0 hooks they still are being caught as they have large mouths.

We have seen the first big mullet in the harbours swimming in schools of 20/30 eating the algae from the rocks, some of these fish are up to 85cm long. From the piers flatfish, whiting and of course garfish are the main targets and every now and then a large bass will show up.

The wreck fishers complain that they have to travel close to the English coast to catch any decent size cod, bass, or wrasse and the stocks locally are very poor, this raises the price for the anglers on the charter boats.

Most of the large competitions have come to an end until October, although there are still quite a few club competitions taking place. These are sometimes more fun, and can be entered on the day with no need for pre-booking weeks before the event.


Fishing on the continent is so different from the UK I would advise anyone wishing to sample the beaches, Delta and the harbours of the Netherlands to get in touch with me at h.banham@chello.nl. I can put you onto the hot spots and give you tackle advice, baits and provide a cup of coffee on the house.

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