Free Reflective Stickers

by David Proudfoot

How many times? Have you wandered off down the beach to the surf line to retrieve or cast a line etc, only to turn around and have that ‘heart stopping’ moment, when you think your gear has miraculously disappeared? When in fact, you had wandered down the beach at a slight tangent, and then repeated your meandering on the way back up the beach. It is so easy to do…

Now, if you had the new DVice Tackle Co ‘Reflective’ sticker, you would have seen your Tackle Box just a few yards along the beach, exactly where you had left it!

After countless requests from its supporters, The DVice Tackle Company has taken the initiative to produce its ‘Tackle Box Sticker’ in a ‘Highly Reflective’ material.

As with any product from the DVice team, it is not just another needless creation; it must have a real purpose.

Fishing at night, in most cases, means you are far away from the convenience of a source of ambient light; and generally rely upon torches or headlamps.Both of these types of lighting, are perfectly adequate for carrying out all of the activities you will need a source of light for, BUT! The narrow beam of light from your torch or headlamp will only illuminate what you a re looking directly at. Fine! If you know where it is.

The ‘NEW’ DVice Tackle Co ‘Reflective’ sticker, picks up the smallest amount of light from the peripheral beam of your light source; and illuminates brightly; revealing its location on the darkest of nights.

Anglers can get a ‘free’ sticker, by sending a SAE to:

The DVice Tackle Company Ltd

1717a London Road

Leigh on Sea

Essex SS9 2SW

Or ‘free’ with any order over £10 placed on the DVice Tackle Co website

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