SPAC Fishing At Ingoldmells Point

by Chas Tibble

The latest Skegness Pier Angling Club (SPAC) match was held last Sunday 8th December from 1:30 till 5:30pm at Ingoldmells Point. This is the first time that I have run a match from the venue during my 11 year tenure as SPAC Secretary, primarily because the beach is privately owned, with limited access and parking. But thanks to SPAC member Rick Jarvis gaining permission for SPAC to fish there, we were able to park adjacent to the beach, giving members the shortest walk to the waters edge out of all the venues we have fished this year!

Match winner Adie Cooper with his first cast treble shot

Match winner Adie Cooper with his first cast treble shot

Unfortunately the match once again clashed with the Teams of Five in Norfolk and on this occasion also with the Daiwa Open on the Holderness Coast, which severely affected the turnout. But it was pleasing that 7 anglers still chose to come along to show their support to SPAC, although there was only one of the top class Grimsby contingent this time. Conditions were just about perfect for this one, with a nice lift on the sea and a gale force westerly coming from directly behind the anglers to help with their casting.

Rods started knocking along the line within minutes of casting out and it soon became obvious that it was again going to be a busy match. Hound magnet Adie Cooper was fishing closest to the outfall and was soon pulling a whiting/dab treble shot ashore, whilst Rick Jarvis fishing next to him also had a first cast treble shot. Further along to the north, Shaun Creasey was soon into his stride, catching a 33cm whiting first cast, then following up with a succession of smaller whiting and dabs. Once again it was the longer casters catching the biggest whiting, but there were enough smaller fish at closer range to make for an interesting straight measure match.

Second placed Rick Jarvis fished well

Second placed Rick Jarvis fished well but just couldn’t keep up with the hound magnet

Although everyone was catching, it soon became obvious that the match was once again turning into a two horse race, with next door neighbours Adie and Rick both catching fish hand over fist. But Adie certainly wasn’t having it all his own way on this occasion and with 2 hours of the match gone coming up to slack water, Rick was in front by almost a metre.

But then a couple of things happened that may have affected the final result, with firstly Adie getting a large herring gull entangled in his line. In the true spirit of our friendly little Club, Rick left his rod to help untangle the angry bird, which eventually flew off unharmed and Adie was quickly fishing again. Then secondly Rick cracked off one of his three hook clipped down rigs, which called for another reel to be attached, a different rig to be brought into commission and a less powerful cast executed to avoid another crack off. By the time Rick was back fishing effectively, Adie had overtaken him and then stayed in front for the rest of the match, winning with 15 whiting and 18 dabs measuring 862cm in total. Adie also won the longest flatfish prize with a 30cm (12oz) dab.

Third placed Alan Steadman with the longest round fish

Third placed Alan Steadman with the longest round fish

After a great battle, Rick eventually came in second with a 28 fish mixed bag for 731cm. Almost 2m behind in third place came SPAC President Alan Steadman, with 10 whiting and 11 dabs measuring 553cm. Alan also won the longest round fish prize with his best whiting, which hit the measure at 40cm (1lb 2oz). Shaun Creasey fished really well to finish in fourth place with 22 fish for 543cm, despite only catching one fish that exceeded 30cm!

Fifth placed Josh Collier with another treble shot

Fifth placed Josh Collier with another treble shot

So yet another great SPAC match, with the choice of venue again turning out to be fully justified. Despite the low turnout, there were 147 fish caught between the 7 anglers, consisting of 71 whiting, 73 dabs, two fat rockling and just one lonely flounder.

Full Results

  1. Adie Cooper – 862cm – 15 whiting, 18 dabs
  2. Rick Jarvis – 731cm – 19 whiting, 9 dabs
  3. Alan Steadman – 553cm – 10 whiting, 11 dabs
  4. Shaun Creasey – 543cm – 6 whiting, 16 dabs
  5. Josh Collier – 481cm – 7 whiting, 8 dabs, 2 rockling, 1 flounder
  6. Jason Broughton – 359cm – 8 whiting, 5 dabs
  7. Wayne Sumner – 333cm – 6 whiting, 6 dabs
  • Longest flatfish – Adie Cooper – 30cm dab
  • Longest round fish – Alan Steadman – 40cm whiting

Next SPAC match is the annual Xmas Fayre match, which will be held on Sunday 22nd December from 1 till 5pm at Jacksons Corner. The match is open to all and registration will be on the day at The Lookout Pub (PE25 1JB), by kind permission of Tony Kelly. There will be free food laid on courtesy of Jacqui & Russ Taylor and there will be a raffle with plenty of festive prizes. SPAC will award cash prizes to the top three anglers, in addition to the usual percentage from the entry fee of £10. Please note that match boundaries will be left or right of the nominated venue within walking distance only and vehicles must not be used to drive to alternative beach access points. Match cards must be handed in to me within 30 minutes of the match finish time. Full sets of the match rules will be available on the day.

Sixth placed Jason Broughton with another treble shot

Sixth placed Jason Broughton with guess what – another treble shot

Please pass on to those not on Facebook and please contact SPAC Secretary Chas Tibble on 07984 967988 or for further details.

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