Humberside/Lincolnshire/Yorkshire report

by David Proudfoot

Major work on Sea Wall…

Major alterations to the sea wall from the ‘waste land’ near the woods to ‘bay 24’ on the Humber Bank Wall take place in April. The work is expected to run until September with the specified area out-of-bounds to anglers until completion of work. Come September there will a fantastic new fishing platform.

The gate at the Middle Drain will be closed, but there will be a brand new surface that will enable easier access when it reopens. The EA want anglers to use the wall but we need to be respectful and also vacate the wall if there is any repeat of the leak incident at Millennium a few years ago anglers refused to move. Please use common sense and vacate the wall if told to do so. I will keep you posted of any further developments.

This year’s 50-year anniversary of the Grimsby Sea Angling Club might not be happy one. In light of recent developments and committee members tired of all the political wrangling, the future of the club is in doubt. The forming of the new club has impacted on Humber’s match attendances. Many feel that the club is not moving in the right direction, and that it is time for a change or closure. Personality clashes, bait and match fee price increases and no influx of young blood are all serious issues to be resolved. Both clubs have matches on the Humber Bank wall this weekend.

Quite a few fish were caught in last weekend’s Bridlington match, but I understand none of our local anglers made the prizes.

Boat: It’s league match 5 in the HCA boat fishing league this Sunday. The forecasts threaten strong winds but hopefully the match goes ahead and plenty fish are caught. This time of year can be interesting with other than the regular marks producing fish. The league is still very close and there is everything to play for.

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