Humberside / Linconshire / Yorkshire 31-10-09

by David Proudfoot

Humber SAC member Frank Cribb, had to be air lifted to hospital after breaking his leg at the Woods area, Frank was trying to retrieve a codling when he slipped on the weed and broke his leg. Anglers should always try to wear suitable footwear with a decent grip when fishing weedy venues as it can be treacherous under foot. Sensible anglers wear climbing style boots for fishing off the wall, as it is very rare that you will need waders.

The Humber Bank Wall has fished well this week with cod to seven pounds and reports of bigger specimens lost during the fight. There have also been plenty of whiting about and these are getting bigger and providing the angler with good sport.

Out on the boats anglers fishing around the Immingham area on the slacker tides have had some good results, with bigger, fresh run cod about. Tony Hogg president of the HCA fishing section has always said that the main run of cod come after bonfire night so we have not long to wait.

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