Humberside / Linconshire / Yorkshire – 13/03/10

by David Proudfoot

The 21st of this month will see anglers putting to sea to fish the HCA Cod Open sponsored by Baitbox and Sea Angler magazine. Boats will be coming from all over the country to take part in Humberside’s biggest boat match of the year. With an expected entry of 200 the event attracts some of the best boat anglers from throughout the UK including Planet Sea Fishing’s Steve Souter. The sea angler magazine team are also fishing the event aboard the Huntress.

Last Sunday saw the sixth boat league match and the fish continue to play hard to get with a substantial number of entrants drawing a blank. The top weight was Wally from the boat Dangler he had 23lb 12oz while second placed John Coles with 12lb 5oz. Third place went to club chairman Tim Burgess who weighed in 11lb 10oz. The heaviest fish of the day was caught by John Mogg, a 7lb 2oz cod. The majority of the fish were caught around the 5A area.

The fishing has been a little hit and miss but if the warmer weather gets the crabs and sea life moving then we could see more fish caught. The top prize goes to the single heaviest fish.

Shore Fixtures March-May 2010

• Sunday 7th March:- Woods 8:15am-12:15pm Meet at Waste Ground from 7am

• Sunday 14th March:- Cortaulds Straight 3:15pm-7:15pm Meet at Barrier from 2pm

• Sunday 20th March:- Rover on the Wall 5:30pm-10:30pm Scales down 10:30pm Meet middle drain 4:30pm. N.F.S.A size limits

• Sunday 28th March:- king Pin Open 3:30pm-7:30pm Cleethorpes Prom Meet King Pin cafe from 2:15pm

• Sunday 4th April:- Killingholme 8:15am-12:15pm Meet Ship and Shovel pub from 7:15am

• Sunday 11th April:- Humberston creek 4:00pm-8:00pm Meet Fitties car park from 2:45pm

• Saturday 17th April:- King Pin Open 6:15pm-10:15pm Cleethorpes Prom Meet King pin cafe from 5pm

• Sunday 25th April:- Cortaulds Straight 2pm-6pm Meet at barrier from 12:45pm

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