Humberside/Lincolnshire/Yorkshire report 28/05

by David Proudfoot

Last weekend many anglers had some fantastic sport with smoothhounds from the Lincolnshire coastline. Well known Hull based angler Chris Mack had a fantastic 22 with his fishing partner the biggest one weighed in at a massive 18lb 12oz. This is a great fish. The boats have been having them for some time and now it is the turn of the beach lads to have some sport.

The wind did change in the week end that did put the hounds off for a couple of tides but I do understand that they are back. The top bait again is crab. But do not under estimate the value of the squid. If you can get hold of the smaller squid put one on whole and whip it on nice and firmly. The squid works very well in the boats and there is no real reason why it should not work off the beach, you must get the presentation right and the use of a pennel rig does help this.

The tackle shops have been struggling with crab, some weeks they will have good supplies while other weeks they will struggle this has all got to do with the tides. If you have got access to a fridge you can keep the crabs alive for several weeks. You must keep an eye on them make sure that they are moist and give them a soaking in salt waters every couple of days especially if you want to bring the crab on to make it shed its shell. Also some weeks the crab will be smaller, this again depends on the tides and also the time of the year at the start of the year the crabs are a lot bigger. So the shops are not trying to rip you off they still have to pay the same amount for the crabs whatever the size.

Humber S.A.C fished the Tioxide open last weekend the turn out was very disappointing, a few visiting anglers signed up but the locals stayed away. Some of them were fishing in the Isle of Man whilst other favoured fishing the Reckitts S.A.C summer league.  The first in the match was visitor G. Owen with 12 fish for 7lb 1 1/2oz, next was Colin Bell 13 fish for 6lb 4oz and third George Smith 11 fish which included the biggest fish of the day a 34 cm flounder.

Just a reminder that the club is organising the smoothhound open in July please ring Jez Waters and not the tackle shops. There has been some confusion as in the past Cleethorpes Angling Centre have organised the event for the club through the shop. This year the shop has not done this and is looking to have a sponsored event in 2010. The club has been doing the event now for some years and it has been very successful and this year they have got sponsorship from Anyfish Anywhere, I understand that several top prizes from this fantastic company will be on offer.

On the subject of the shops Cleethorpes Angling Centre held their mid week bash on the sea front and records went a tumbling, Simon Drayton had a fantastic 33 fish for 621 cms he also had the biggest round a 35 cm bass. Next again with a monster bag Dave Burr 32 fish for 607 cms, third John Atkinson 34 fish at 593 cms and finally Jeff Volley 23 fish for 466 cms. Jeff also had the biggest flounder of the night a nice fish of 35 cm. But the specimen fish of the night was a huge eel caught by Bob Tarvert it was well over two pounds, but unfortunately the system they use it only counted for 30 cms. I watched the match at the Brighton Street end and the fishing was frantic with the baits only being out minutes before two fish had latched them selves onto the hooks.

The shops next match is on the 9th June and it is along the Big Wheel stretch fishing from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Reckitts SAC were in action last Sunday for the start of the summer league at Chalkies Point. They had a fantastic response to this match and 26 anglers turned up to fish.  John Atkinson was in brilliant form he was able to cast out further than any one else with out blowing his bait off, using longer softer rods. He had 375 cms. Next was Hull based angler Steve Green, then it was the master himself making good use of his £1000 pound rod Jeff Volley measured 318 cms and fourth Richard Leak 264 cms.

This Sunday Neville Charlesworth league kicks off and I understand that all the pegs are already taken. The matches will not be for a Guernsey qualifier this year as there is no final planned at the moment.

In the boats HCA beat local rivals Boston Pirates in the skate match. The only problem that the match was over run with smooth hounds they were everywhere close in or far out and they were at the bait first before the rays could get to the bait. I understand that it was a great match and everyone had a good time.

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