Humberside/Lincolnshire/Yorkshire report 10/04

by David Proudfoot

I am informed that the Power Station have already put the new filters in place. Stuart Mac Phearson new chairman of the marine division of the Angling Trust has been informed that these filters are in use. This problem has gone on for several years and I think it has played a big part in the demise of the local residents of the Humber such as the flounder.

The work on the Humber Bank wall will commence next week, please assist the contractors by not going fishing in this area, or if you do work in conjunction with them.

Hopefully other areas will start to fish and anglers will move away from this area. Cleethorpes beach has been producing some nice catches of bass off the beach. These seem to be bigger fish than in previous years. I can not wait to have a go in the boat for them they are fantastic fish to catch. George’s Tackle Box will be shortly getting in wild king rag worm, these worked very well last year for the bass and other species.

Humber SAC fished at Killingholme and it was John Major who took the honours with 1lb 14oz. This was well ahead of the other competitors. Then it was Derek Miles , he was using a boom rig and not only caught the biggest flat fish of the day but also bagged second spot. Third place went to young Mr. Cooper who was ½ an ounce behind. The club’s next match on Saturday night on the Promenade and fishing 6pm to 10pm. I would expect that it will be a good turn out and the prom has fished very well of late.

Last Sunday it was the Anyfish Anywhere Competition on the Yorkshire Coast this was very well attended and excellently supported by Julian and his team and also by Sea Angler magazine who was there the day before. Top angler Shane Russel had a fantastic 5.630kg thornback ray. This bagged him £600 and made the trip from Wales worth while. Second was T Owens with a cod of 4.030kgs he netted the second prize of £400. Third place and £300 went to Mike Ashton with a thornback of 2.950kg and J. Gibson landed another thornback of 2.87kg for fourth. The next two, A. Little and Mike Brockman, both received rods from AFAW  again for thornback rays. It sounds that we might have a good year with the rays in 2009.

On the boat scene I went out last Saturday and was ably assisted by Bill Sheppard who is getting a dab hand at this boat fishing lark. We had a good day and few fish, but Bill was in stitches when whilst cleaning the boat at sea I let go of the bucket, instructing Bill to turn the boat around to try and retrieve it was too late as the bucket soon sunk to the depths of the Humber. So when I went into the tackle shop later that day I was present with several large buckets.

It was a funny day out there all together with very little tide movement and a very large seal taking the fish off the lines. Hopefully it will be better for this Sunday as it is the Winter League match and the forecast looks spot on, so I will give you the run down on that next week.

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