Duane Tops List At Mundesley

NAC Match Report 20th March 2023 Mundesley

by Simon Bottomley

nac-logoMundesley is a great little venue, with a good parking, easy access to the beach, a bit of a stagger on way back, and not many snags. As 25 anglers assembled, the man from the Ministry arrived (NNDC – see poster) and inquired if we were fishing. He then proceeded to explain that there had been some seepage from the beach outflows and that we should be careful with any detritus on the beach. But being positive anglers, we immediately thought that the ground baiting would attract some better fish. So, with his warning words echoing in our heads and a copy of the warning. We drew pegs, with short walks either side of the main path, pegging high numbers on right side, near the lifeboat station.

Great pegging from Neil (thanks), as usual despite increase in numbers from 24 – 25. Please see his Facebook request to pass any unused ‘yellow’ large rig winders to him to make some more pegs. Always remember to return your peg at the end of the night – thanks.

Mundesley beachWe hit the beach, high tide was 5:30pm so fishing the ebb with an eye out for weed and floaters! We were not disappointed the early arrivals of decent fish with some early dog fish improving everyone’s mojo. Then the whiting arrived, so fish to size, mojos repaired. By the end of the night the average had shifted from two fish/angler last week to four fish per angler this week.

warning poster A total of 87 fish caught and carded, with 49 whiting – the biggest being 34cm (Nathan). Dogfish final tally on the night came in at 34, with the biggest being 64cm falling to Duane Lockwood, with all being over 50cm. Three dabs, with the biggest being 26cm carded by Ian Childerhouse. Total carded fish of 87 was made up by a single rockling caught by Jason.

Podium spot went to Duane Lockwood, pipping Pond Pete by 26 weight points (a 33cm whiting equivalent) who in turn pipped Mike Topping by only 4 weight points, a wee whiting difference. Great competition all.

What happened to the flow of detritus I hear you ask, simply put, no problems reported. However, towards the end of the night the weed arrived with some magnificent “weed bergs” being hauled in, along with a few good eater crabs.

final scoresWould we have weed? Yes

Would we see a number of dog fish? Yes (34)

Would we see more fish to size? Yes 4/angler – total of 87 carded.

Would we have a few less blanks? Yes

Would Spalt get his mojo back? Yes (6 fish / 254 weight points / 5th overall)

The numbers:

  1. Duane Lockwood Peg 17 – 8 fish 309 weight points (6lb/7 oz)
  2. Pond Pete (Simmons) Peg 6 – 7 fish 283 weight points (5lb/14ozs)
  3. Michael Topping Peg 4 – 4 fish 279 weight points (5lb/13 6ozs)
  • Match average 87/25 4 fish per angler “ish”.
  • Biggest Round 64cm dogfish – Duane Lockwood (Peg 17)
  • Biggest Flat 26cm dab – Ian Childerhouse (Peg 7)
  • Lucky peg Peg 22 – Andy Turk

Next week’s match is at Great Yarmouth (North Beach) – see Facebook event sheet for details.

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