Dene Comes Out On Top At Kelling

by Dene Conway

Norfolk Angling Club LogoAfter the teams of five on Sunday and the appalling conditions, many had said Monday night would not be fishable, but as always with our weather fronts in EA, never believe what you read and trust your own instincts, what a difference a day makes, still a rough sea but easily fishable, a light wind albeit very cold under a lovely clear sky.

13 of us turned out for the first match of the new season with several members having to work or swap shifts to manage this weekend’s Two-Day event, even with numbers down, banter was again high, and everyone was eager to give it a go. Pegging was left and right of the gate.

From the off everyone was catching fish, but the majority were under the allotted size limits, dabs 23cm, whiting 27cm etc, but it shows a lot of fish are still available to be caught. As tide picked up on the flood so did the fishing and the larger quality fish made an appearance. Last week’s winner Greg Kiddell drew end peg towards the wreck normally a very productive end and normally where the winners would come from, at the other end of the pegging on peg 1 was Richard “The Coach ” Hipperson, end pegs can be very productive, but we all know Kelling can be hit and miss, your either on the fish or you’re not.

fishing on Kelling beach

In third place and first time on the podium with the NAC was Richard Ling on peg 9 carding 10 sizeable fish for 4lb 2oz, second place and two weeks in a row on the podium was Gregory Kiddell making good use of his end peg (13) carding 11 fish for 4lb 4oz, and finally taking top rod honour was Dene Conway carding 15 fish for 5lb 14oz. Some excellent fish were recorded with the heaviest whiting going to Billy Rush a cracker at 36cm, there were also several at 34cm, and 35cm so a good showing, and some nice plump healthy fish, heaviest flat went to Dene Conway with a nice dab of 27cm.

An excellent performance from our junior angler Jimmy Shaul managing to keep up with and beat several of the adults , managing a very respectable 5th overrall.

In total 98 fish were caught between 12 of us as we also had one blanker which wasn’t through lack of trying but lack of warmer gear. Total weight was 35lb 14oz.

Kelling beach scores

Next week’s match is at Overstrand, please note this coming Friday & Saturday is the Joc Goudie Beach Masters at Kelling and Salthouse fishing 11am till 4pm each day.

Full results

  • Dene Conway 30pts – 15 fish – 5lb 14oz
  • Gregory Kiddell 29pts – 11 fish – 4lb 4oz
  • Richard Ling 28pts – 10 fish – 4lb 2oz
  • Richard Hipperson 27pts – 11 fish – 3lb 11 1/3oz
  • Jimmy Shaul Shaul 26pts – 9 fish – 3lb 2/3oz
  • Keith Shaul 25pts – 9 fish – 2lb 13oz
  • Russell Taylor 24pts – 8 fish – 2lb 10 2/3oz
  • Billy Rush 23pts – 5 fish – 2lb 7 2/3oz
  • Barry Iseton 22pts – 6 fish – 2lb 1 1/3oz
  • Will Sprules 21pts – 5 fish – 1lb 13 1/3oz
  • Roger Cunnington 20pts – 5 fish – 1lb 10 2/3oz
  • Dave Mathers 19pts – 4 fish – 1lb 5 1/3oz
  • Denver Garry 5pts No fish
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