49th FIPS-M World Boat Championships

by David Proudfoot

Anglers from Europe and wider afield are heading for Portugal next week in preparation for the 49th FIPS-M World Boat Championships. The event will be fished on the waters south of Setubal from 9th to 12th September.

The first of the three days of competition is in Tuesday 10th with the Monday set aside for an official practice day. Most of the competing countries will be arriving well in advance of the formal open to ensure that they can get in additional sessions to acclimatise themselves with the venue.

The target species will be at the smaller end of those available off the Atlantic coast and tackle will be scaled accordingly. The organisers have set minimum sizes for all the qualifying species ranging between 18 and 60 centimetres. They have also stipulated a minimum hook gape of 7mm.

The various species are banded for points with fish being awarded between one and six points depending upon their classification. For instance a ballan wrasse is worth one point and a gilthead bream six.

Each angler will be fishing against the others on the boat and points awarded according to the final boat positions.

We’d like to wish the best of luck to all those taking part in the event.

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