Tide Tables UK and Ireland 2018

by David Proudfoot

The 2018 tide tables for the UK and the Irish Republic are now available on the site.

Knowledge of tides is extremely important for the sea angler more many reasons including catching fish, collecting bait and launching small boats launching boats. Every celestial body produces a tidal effect, and in the case of the earth, it’s the moon and the sun which produce the tidal movements. A full article on the effects of tides is available on the site.

Over 400 ports and other venues are now covered with the tide tables in Adobe Acrobat PDF format for downloading. The links to the charts are available either through Google maps or by using drop-down menus for each country.

2018 tide tables graphic

The drop-down menus have only the tide tables for 2018 whereas the links on Google maps include those for 2017.

All the documents have been compressed ensuring that they will download quickly on phones or other mobile devices.

Given the number of locations covered there may be the odd typo in the links. If you discover any broken links please contact me and I will correct the problem.

Some of the lesser known ports have links to Easy Tide rather than Acrobat documents. There is no need to login to display the Easy Tide information, simply click the Predict button.

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