Big Fish Chaos on Barrier Reef

by David Proudfoot

Awesome big fish Kaos in this fishing Video out on the Great Barrier reef, Just shows how lucky we are, with Multiple hook-ups on quality reef fish. Heaps of big fish, and many different varieties including Nannygai, Red Emperor Coral trout, Big Spangled emperor, Cod and heaps more.

Numerous multiple hook-ups including a 6 way hookup on Soft Plastics but that is in Part 2 fishing video. This fishing video show’s just the morning session and we left them biting at 3pm in one day. It doesn’t get any better than that. Reefari specialises in fishing these deep reefs and shoals which are untouched and great fishing. Great fun and all quality fish!! No complaints.

Make sure you leave the Banana’s are left at home, a fishing myth which shuts down the fishing. We had bit of a fish on the way out Friday night and was quiet. Once we found the bananas and gave Matty heaps the fishing improved dramatically so who knows. We definitely cleaned up on the Saturday. An awesome fishing video and a top day on the water. Make sure you check out part 2, where the hot fishing continues!!

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