Whiting Rule On Lancashire Coast

by Jordan Russell

lancashire latest news logoThe Lancashire fishing is still very much the same as previous weeks with whiting being prominent along with dabs and some codling. Rossall is still proving to be the better ground for the cod. We really do need some winds which we are hoping to get this week as it is full of cod on the buoys but they are hanging out in deeper water where the shore anglers simply can not reach.

Blackpool Boat Angling Club had their cod match last Sunday and although there was a bit of an edge all of the ten boats entered were launched and got away safely without any dramas. All boats headed north and it was a bit of a bumpy ride up there, the sea flattened off around midday as forecast and it was a quite pleasant afternoon.

Heaviest Cod

1st Jan Louis Van Deventer on Ninja 1.92kg

2nd Neil Whittle & Tony Waring on Sundaze 1.81kg

3rd Steven Lee & Anthony Stephen Green 1.49kg

Heaviest Whiting

Joint first, Jan Louis Van Deventer on Ninja 0.61kg and Anthony Horrocks & David Horrocks on Sea Eagle 0.61kg.

Lee Baxter reports that he fished two up and one down with son Archie and mate Dave. They had 10 fish in total, all on Bispham Angling yellow tails. Archie had the most fish, and most species, one rockling, two whiting and two codling on a 2/0 flapper. Dave landed two whiting and two codling using a 3/0 pulley. While Lee, fishing with big baits for big cod had an average whiting to save a blank.

Archie Baxter shows how it is done

Archie Baxter shows how it is done

Fleetwood and District Angling Club fished their first club match of the year at Five-Bar Gate.

23 anglers attended, a good turnout considering some members were fishing an Open on the Gynn Wall. Conditions looked reasonable light westerly and overcast. There was fish for almost everyone, but a lot only had one or two.

The catches were almost exclusively whiting with the odd small codling. The end nearest the cafe was definitely the better end with the winner getting fish at range but those near by also catching quite close in. No secret baits, just worm and fish bait working well.


1st Craig Thompson 10 whiting 1 codling 89 points

2nd Dave Norton 7 whiting 50 points

3rd John Hughes 4 whiting 2 codling and a dab 42 points

4th Ken Stubbs 6 whiting 1 codling 41 points

5th Kevin Blundell 3 whiting 1 codling 33 points

6th Peter Yates 2 whiting 2 codling 27 points

7th Dave Brown 3 whiting 26 points

8th = Bob Egan 4 whiting 1 codling 24 points

8th = Alex Garden 3 whiting 1 codling 24 points

8th = Neil Stoneley 3 whiting 24 points

Next Club’s match is on Sunday13th January at Beach Road with fishing from 2.30 to 5.30pm

It is also time to pay your £10 if you want to enter the Club Champion contest, closing date is the end of February.

Last Sunday saw the first Bispham Angling league match on the Gynn Wall. This is open to anyone and there is also an optional league, for more details call the shop on 01253 358194. 35 anglers fished the first leg.


1st Gareth Gardiner 12 fish 280cm

2nd Paul Twatski 11 fish 276cm

3rd Neil Cutler 11 fish 236cm

Zone A David G Hutchinson 10 fish 216cm

Zone B Stuart Dewhurst 9 fish 195cm

Biggest flat Matt White 34cm flounder

Biggest round Paul Twatski 47cm codling

Paul has had a dream start to the League with 24 points in the first match well done all winners and all that fished.

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