Mullet, Golden Grey

by David Proudfoot

Liza aurata

species ID golden grey mullet

Thanks to Pete Harrison for the photos

Distinguishing features

The golden grey mullet is the smallest of the three mullets found in Northern European waters. It has the typical mullet body shape and the pectoral fin, when folded forwards covers the back half of the eye. The colouration is the same as the thin-lipped mullet but it lacks the spot at the pectoral fin and has a prominent gold blotch on either side of the head.


Grows to a length of around 45 cm and a weight of 2 kg.

British Record Fish List

UK Shore Record: 3lb 8oz 8dms / 1.601kgs
UK Boat Record: 2lb 15oz 4dms / 1.340kgs

European Line Class Record for this species


It is most common around the English Channel and the south west of England and Wales. It will range as far south as the Mediterranean. While it will be found around harbours and river mouths it is not frequently found in rivers unlike the other two mullet species. It is regularly found off sandy beaches.


The golden grey mullet feeds on algae, small worms and vegetation.


Small bunches of harbour ragworm are effective baits, particularly from beaches. Bread and other baits as for the thick-lipped grey mullet can also produce fish.

Thanks to Pete for the pics.

species ID golden grey mullet

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