by David Proudfoot

Clupeid harangues

species ID herring

Distinguishing features

The herring is a narrow bodied fish with large, easily detached scales on the body. It has a prominent lower jaw and the dorsal fin starts in front of the pelvic fins. The dark blue back becomes lighter on the sides and merges into a silvery white on the underside.


The herring can grow to a length of over 40 cm and a weight of around 700 gm.

British Record Fish List

UK Shore Record: 1lb 1oz 0dms / 0.481kgs
UK Boat Record: 1lb / 0.454kgs – Qualifying weight

The herring is found throughout the north Atlantic, the North and Baltic Seas and up into the Arctic Circle. It can be found in all depths of water and will range through the water column.


The main diet of the herring is plankton.


It is very rare for herring to take natural bait.


Herring will take very small feather or sabiki lures and can also be caught on plain silver hooks.

species ID herring

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