How to Tie a Bagnall Bar Rig

by David Proudfoot

The innovative Bagnall bar rig was designed and popularised by Tom Bagnall of  Christchurch Angling Centre. It is designed for distance fishing with a low profile having the baited hook under tension behind the weight. The layout allows the angler to fish with a long snood which will release and drop down on impact with the surface of the sea.

Bagnall Bar Rig Components

Main Body Bar

1 x 200 to 350mm length of stainless wire, TIG or piano wire is suitable or a boom, such as the 200mm Gemini Clip Down Boom can be cut down

5 x Beads

2 x Swivels, and optional extra swivel can be used at the top of the bar

1 x SRT Spring or length of silicon tubing depending upon the wire diameter, maximum 0.6mm to use SRT springs

1 x Length of Powergum or Breakaway Adjustable Crimp (allows the snood to be re-tensioned should the hook need to be replaced)

1 x Breakaway Imp; this can be replaced by your favourite bait clip or lead incorporating a clip. If using a clip other than the Imp a Breakaway Fast Link or similar will be required.


1 x Cascade Swivel

1 x Length 10-30lb BS hook snood

1 x 1m to 2m length 15-30lb BS trace length

1 x 2 to 4/0 hook

The Bar Body

1. Form an eye on one end of the wire. If using a clip with a closed end such at the Gemini Splash Down, it will need to be attached when forming the eye. Then thread on the first components in this order;


2. If using a Breakaway Adjustable Crimp thread it on, followed by a bead. If using a Powergum stop just thread on the bead.

3. Thread on the SRT spring or the silicon tubing followed by;


4. Form the top eye on the wire, a swivel can be incorporated at this point.

5. If using Powergum tie a stop knot below the bead adjacent to the SRT spring or silicon tubing to complete the rig bar.


6. Tie the round eye of the cascade swivel to the hook length line. Measure the distance required to tension the hook length using the cascade swivel hooked into the rotating top bar swivel and the Imp clip. Tie on the hook. The movable stop knot or crimp gives some leeway and the hook length should be under tension when assembled.

7. Attach the required length of trace line to the oval eye of the cascade swivel then tie to the bottom swivel.

To use, attach a weight of your choice to the Imp or other bait clip and using the weight to provide tension clip the baited hook into the Imp and then locate the cascade swivel leg onto the top rotating swivel. Adjust the stop knot or crimp to maintain the tension before casting the Bagnall bar rig.

Click on image for larger version

the Bagnall bar rig

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