Vega Masami Surf 4.2 Review

by John Popplewell

Vega continental range of rods are beginning to make an impact on our shores, and they are already well established in most European countries with rods including the Vega Masami range.

Vega is a Portuguese company who have been supplying top quality fishing tackle across Europe for over 30 years. They are now making big inroads into the British market, and are particularly well known for their continental rods having a comprehensive range to choose from.

vega masami surf three sections

The Vega Masami Surf is available in two lengths – 4.2m and 4.5m, and this review is on the former shorter version. Both versions have solid, spliced tips.

First Impressions of the Vega Masami

On removing this three piece rod from its cloth bag my initial thought was that the visual look and feel was far beyond my expectations given that it is priced at the lower end of the continental rod market. With top class whipping and guides this rod really is a stunner.

vega masami surf fuji reel seat

The rod is fitted with Fuji low rider guides and reel seat, an ergonomic soft touch butt handle and inner joint reinforcements. All of which added to the initial big wow factor.

vega masami surf fuji rings

Down on the Beach

I matched the Masami Surf with Cinnetic Evolution 7000 fixed spool reel loaded with 15lb mono and a 50lb tapered leader.

vega masami surf butt grip vega masami surf reinforced joint

The Vega Masami Surf is rated 150-250g. As you probably know by now my personal opinion on all continental rods is that they should be fished with as light a lead as possible. To me the fun in this style of fishing is about catching fish and feeling the fight and bite detection. When we get into the realms of casting 250g leads we are really pushing limits to where a standard beach casting rod would perform better.

vega masami surf tip

I clipped on a 150g lead and lobbed the first two off the ground casts only a matter of 100 yards just to get a feel for the rod. The lead sailed quite comfortably out to sea with a quick recovery rate from the Hybrid Sensitip. Feeling more confident I put more effort into the cast and 150 yards plus came quite easily.

Hitting the Distance

I hit the next few casts with the 150g lead as hard as I could and it sailed out into the distance, but I did feel that a lighter lead could possibly be easier to cast and maybe go further.

I unclipped the 150g and popped on a 125g and true to form the rod behaved impeccably, with the lead disappearing into the distance. The rod providing a very fast tip recovery leading to an enjoyable casting experience.

vega masami surf casting

It is always worth remembering that in fishing mode you can add another ounce or to the weight of lead when you include bait, hooks and swivels.

Practical Use of the Vega Masami

A second trip with the Vega Masami Surf saw me fishing for whiting with a two hook flapper rig and a 125g breakout lead. I was fishing into a side wind, so having to counteract the cast direction into the tide.

vega masami surf casting

Once again the rod behaved impeccably with a good recovery on the cast. The spliced solid tip bent nicely in the tide run and the bite detection was very good showing up even the most tentative of bites, and soon a steady flow of whiting were bending the Masami Surf.

Last Look

It looks like Vega are on a winner with the Masami Surf. A very well made rod with a top class finish which belies its very affordable price tag.

The shaped soft touch grip is very comfortable which matched with a balanced rod makes for an enjoyable fishing experience.

vega masami surf casting

A top class continental rod for a very affordable price.

review product supplied stickerTested Version

  • Vega Masami Surf-420
  • 3 Piece
  • Rated 150-250g (Optimum 4oz-6oz from tests)
  • Fuji concept low rider guides
  • Nanotech carbon blank

vega masami surf decals

  • Spliced solid tip
  • Screw winch fitting
  • Shaped butt grip
  • Weight 560g
  • Supplied in cloth bag
  • Retail price £129 from Christchurch Angling Centre
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