TronixPro Lead Bag Reviewed

by John Popplewell

The Tronixpro is rapidly becoming one of leading names in sea fishing tackle in the UK and beyond. The Tronixpro Lead Bag is one of the latest innovation in their luggage range and John Popplewell takes a look at this useful addition for the tackle box or bag.

I think all of us have grabbed hold of the nearest container that will hold a few leads, albeit an old sandwich box or plastic container, only to find that on reaching your long trek destination that the container has split and all the leads have decided to go walkabout.  We have all done it, and the Tronixpro Lead Bag is here to prevent that happening in future.

Tronixpro lead bag with weights

Tronixpro have introduced into their luggage range a very neat, robust lead bag which seems to tick all the boxes.

review product supplied stickerI have been using the Tronixpro Lead Bag for a few month’s now and I have found it very user friendly and a great “must have” in my tackle box.  I have also used it on those long treks when a rucksack comes in handy. There is nothing worse than trying to find anything in the dark crevices of a deep rucksack. No more spiking fingers on the wires of grip leads.

Tronixpro Lead Bag Dimensions

This handy little Lead Bag will hold as many leads that you will need for any session.  Measuring 30cms in length and 14cms wide with a depth of 8cms it will hold enough armoury to last you a day on the beach, rocks or pier or the smaller leads for the boat angler.

Tronixpro lead bag

Construction Materials

The hard bottom on the case stops the wear and tear from those sharp or spiked leads that can penetrate through a rucksack while on the move, there is nothing worse than a wire from a lead protruding in to your back.

Tronixpro lead bag base

A strong two-way nylon double zip holds everything nicely in place. The close weave, black canvas bag body is constructed of the same hard wearing material used extensively throughout the Tronixpro luggage range and has a strap handle on the lined, padded lid which is tightly stitched and very robust.

Summing Up

If you want to keep your tackle box neat and tidy this handy lead case will help you on your way, it fits quite snugly into any tackle box or rucksack and is tough enough to withstand many seasons of use.

Tronixpro lead bag open


The Tronixpro Lead Bag  is reasonably priced at around £7.99 to £9.99 and can be found in most tackle shops and on-line angling stores.

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