Seasafe Sea Trekker Gilet

by Des Westmore

Sea anglers can seem averse to wearing floatation devices or lifejackets, often arguing bulkiness, restricted movement and discomfort as their reasons. Such crazy arguments are not rooted in common sense, and there are in fact many smart and less incarcerating life-preserving garments, such as the Seasafe Sea Trekker Gilet, to appease even the dumbest and vainest of fishermen.

Seasafe Sea Trekker GiletMany anglers do not wear lifejackets, or floatation clothing of any description even on small boats or precarious rock marks in the height of slippery winter conditions. The reasons given range from simple vanity through to standard equipment making the wearer feel hopelessly encumbered. The point about restricted movement is valid up to a point, but I am of the opinion that owning some sort of floatation garment within the sea angling environment is essential. A possible solution to break this mindset is comfortable clothing with built-in lifejackets such as that from Seasafe. These are not floatation suits or halfway house buoyancy aids, they are full 150N lifejackets built into various styles of waterproof clothing.

I acquired the Seasafe Sea Trekker Gilet from the Isle of Wight based company. I was after a neat solution for the warmer part of the year that would normally see me sweating to death, and this item looked promising. Being sleeveless, the Sea Trekker Gilet can be worn over a just T-shirt or lightweight summer waterproof or a heavier outer winter garment. Movement is unhindered by the device, and aside from the piece of mind offered by fully functional lifejacket, they look rather snazzy too.

The Gilet is fully compliant with EN396 standards, has automatic and manual inflation, rescue strop and D ring, reflective shoulder bands, fleece collar and neoprene crotch strap. This last feature is one most important from a safety view point because without it, the lifejacket can easily pull above your head when inflated, allowing your head to submerge with potentially disastrous consequences.

Seasafe Sea Trekker Gilet Seasafe Sea Trekker Gilet

The Trekker Gilet is a cracking item that I thoroughly recommend. Mine has seen many hours of action at sea, when both angling and on regular photographic assignment. The Trekker Gilet starts at £149.99. Seasafe offer a variety of excellent life preserving clothing which can be viewed at

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