Lancashire Sea Fishing Still Producing

by Jordan Russell

lancashire-news-logoThe Lancashire sea fishing is still very productive especially at night, whiting, dogfish and the odd ray and codling are being caught up and down the coast at low water and high water.

Fleetwood and District Sea Angling Club had their latest match between the coast watch tower and Dronsfield Road where due to rain washing off the peg markers the event was fished as a rover.

Just to debunk the myth that the last man on the beach is at a huge disadvantage the winner of today’s match was one of the last to pick his spot.

With the weather coming from the south east it out paid to the chances big catching a few codling and the main catch was whiting and a few dogfish.

No area proved much better than any other, there was fish for all the thirty competitors.

Ryan Finnetary with a cracking bull huss caught from the beach

Ryan Finnetary with a cracking bull huss caught from the beach

Sandeel seemed to be the top bait but black worm tipped with squid also worked well.

Congratulations to match winner Lee Thornton having four dogs in his catch greatly improved his points total.

Top Ten

  1. Lee Thornton 8 whiting 4 dogs for 144 points
  2. Ian Hewitt 14 whiting 1 dog for 123 points
  3. Hughie Porter 14 whiting for 95 points
  4. Mark Taylor 9 whiting 1 dog for 83 points
  5. David Bayliss 12 whiting 1 dog for 79 points
  6. Barry Critchly 10 whiting for 77 points
  7. Kevin Blundell 10 whiting for 75 points
  8. Jim Henney 5 whiting 2 dogs for 72 points
  9. John Hodgson 9 whiting for 71 points
  10. Jim Gross 10 whiting for 68 points

Next Sunday’s match is at Five Bar Gate with fishing from 12.00 to 3.00pm

Don’t forget our heaviest fish open is coming up soon, get your name down if not done yet as places are going fast.

Leyland and District Sea Angling Club were out at Morecambe for their latest match.

  1. Michael Darlington with 33 whiting scoring 203 match points and a total match length of 829cm.
  2. Nigel Thompson with 16 whiting, scoring 93 points.
  3. Fred Howard with 12 whiting and a dogfish, scoring 83 points.
  4. Norman Pilkington with 2 dogfish, a whiting and the biggest fish of the night, a 47cm ray.
  5. Martin Darwin with 7 whiting and a dogfish scoring 63 points.

Thanks again to the nine members supporting the match, well done everyone.

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