Lancashire Coast Continues To Flourish

by Jordan Russell

lancashire-news-logoThe last couple of weeks have provided some superb sea fishing along the Lancashire coast with great sport provided by whiting, dogfish, flatfish, codling and the odd ray and bass.

Fresh worm such as ragworm and yellow tails tipped with mackerel has been by far the best tactic. Having said this we have seen some quiet days for sea angling but in the whole it’s been very good, especially if you compare to winter last year.

Things looked good for Fleetwood and District Angling Club as they arrived at Five-Bar Gate to fish their club match. It was overcast and there was a southerly breeze putting a bit of an edge on the tide. Hopes were high that there could be a few codling caught.

Unfortunately this did not materialise only a couple were caught. There were four thornback ray caught and a late small smoothhound, and decent number of whiting.

David G Hutchinson with his ray

David G Hutchinson with his ray

As you would expect most fish came to worm tipped with squid or fish bait, and of course sandeel took plenty of whiting.

Thirty one anglers fished and 75% of them caught fish, best fish was a 45 cm wide thorny caught by David G Hutchinson.

Top Ten

  1. Ian Hewitt 10 whiting 1 dog 1 thornback for 132 points
  2. Trevor Barnett 8 whiting 1 dog 1 thornback for 107 points
  3. David G Hutchinson 5 whiting 1 dog 1 thornback for 105 points
  4. Andy Whiteside 9 whiting 1 dog for 91 points
  5. Steve Nicholson 2 whiting 1 dog 1 thornback for 79 points
  6. Tim Wrigley 7 whiting 1 dog for 70 points
  7. Craig Thompson 4 whiting 1 dog for 64 points
  8. Dave Hutchinson 9 whiting 1 smoothhound for 63 points
  9. Kevin Blundell 2 whiting 1 thornback for 58 points
  10. Jay Cityzen 6 whiting 1 dog for 52 points.

Leyland and District Sea Angling Club fished their latest match at Arnside for the “Ken Farnworth Memorial Trophy”.

  1. Norman Pilkington with 3 flounders scoring 36 match points
  2. Alan Slater with 2 flounders scoring 25 points
  3. Peter Pilkington with 2 flounders and winning the biggest fish at 36cm
  4. Fred Howard with 3 flounders
  5. Michael Darlington with one

Thanks again to all 15 members supporting the match.

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