Captain’s Log – Holyhead November 2012

by David Proudfoot

Wind and rain has continued to play havoc with days afloat out of Holyhead. This week in particular much of the country, Anglesey in particular, has been hammered with winds in excess of 50mph. Fortunately on the days we have managed to sail the fishing has been fairly consistent with a good number of fish and a variety of species available for the anglers.

One trip in particular saw a family group hop aboard My Way for a day at sea. With no particular species in mind, the emphasis was on having a bit of fun and hauling a good number of fish aboard as a bonus. Fortunately for everyone the fish followed the script and the party were rewarded with dogfish and whiting making up the bulk of the catch but bull huss, dabs, gurnards and thornback ray added variety to the day. Many of the whiting were well over 1lb in weight and went home in coolboxes for supper.

Herring, pollack and coalies have been around during a few trips lately and all a good takeable size. Although with this week’s seriously high winds, we may struggle to locate them for a few days or so until the sea conditions settle back down and there is some clarity to the water.

We had another fun match last weekend; sadly, a couple anglers had to withdraw the day before leaving only five fishing for the honours on the day. With big tides and a forecast that showed a severe gale 9 moving in later that day our fishing was restricted to a few sheltered marks within Holyhead Bay.

Our first drop of the anchor produced only a handful of fish for the guys, a few dogs and the odd whiting. A move to some slightly deeper water further into the bay started to produce more lesser spotted dogfish, whiting and a few dabs. As the tide slackened off Chris Nedon changed tactics and switched to slightly smaller hooks in a search for additional species. He was rewarded with a few poor cod and a late season goldsinney wrasse added to his tally.

Chris and Harry Owen were edging ahead of the pack, matching each other fish for fish. Chris on the stern was picking up single fish using a quick drop and retrieve, whereas Harry pegged at position eight near the bow of the boat, took the approach of waiting to load the hooks up, retrieving less frequently which resulted in double shots of fish and the odd treble hook up.

From Telford we had Ray, Keith and Jim all having a small wager among themselves as to who would take have the bragging rights for the journey back home. Keith, following a slow start that saw him struggle to catch in the first couple of hours, changed tactics in midway through the morning and was soon to be rewarded with regular double shots of whiting.

With rock goby, huss and tub gurnard adding to his fish list Chris emerged as the eventual winner for the day, beating Harry, into second place by a few fish. Keith carried on his newfound fishing fortune and took the Telford crown from Ray and Jim who vowed revenge on a return trip.

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