Norfolk AC Struggle At Trimmingham

Ian Wins Final Match Of The Summer League

by Simon Bottomley

It was the final match of the summer league and 28 gathered to hopefully send the league off in style before the beaches fill up with holidaymakers.

The format was switched to a ‘rover’ meaning everyone could fish where they wanted to either left or right of the slipway, the only proviso was that all cards had to be back by 11:00pm so limiting anglers to take the longer walks. With the high tide at 18:39 hrs all would be fishing with their backs up to the revetments until part the turn and into the ebb. As everyone got into position, lots of fingers were crossed.

Early casts suggested there was a wee bit of weed about. Some early dabs suggested that the evening might bring a few more fish. But as the tide ebbed, the fish started to drop off with very little bite action, and what bites there were where more likely to be weed bangs. All was not lost as were treated to a spectacular sunset.

A tiny smoothhoundDave Sickelmore thought he’d walk off with the match with his smoothhound, but sorry to say this Dave , but size matters. Highlight of the evening was Rob Fords 31cm gilthead bream winning him biggest round fish, while the biggest flatfish was caught by Ian Childerhouse, a lovely 33cm flounder, knocking Nathan Drewery and Simon Bottomley out of contention with their 31cm flounders.

Trimmingham giltheadA slow old night with only 12 fish caught, we won’t mention the number of blanks, but looking forward, “winters coming”.

Trimingham sunset

Match Result

  1. nac-logoIan Childerhouse right of slipway 3 fish 76 weight points (1lb 9oz)
  2. Simon Bottomley right of slipway 2 fish 50 weight points (1lbs 1oz)
  3. Nathan Drewery right of slipway 1 fish 36 weight points (1lbs 12oz)

Biggest round fish – 31cm gilthead bream – Rob Ford

Biggest flatfish – 33 cm flounder – Ian Childerhouse

Lucky peg Jamie Childerhouse

Summer League results: having run the randomiser app last week the full summer league results will be adjusted by deleting 6 worst scores. Total matches planned – 21, fished = 20, 1 cancelled due to bad weather, so max score count to determine summer league positions will be 14 scored matches. Results will be announced on 29th August along with winter league results, prizes/BBQ/fish session, same format as last year.

Trimingham resultsThe Skegness road trip on the 24th July – watch out for updates on Facebook page. So far 11 flagged as going, with 14 others interested. Will discuss with Tony Holmes our Skegness correspondent to refresh info.

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