Fishing Luke’s Good At Trimmingham

by Dene Conway

Norfolk Angling Club Logo13 arrived at Trimmingham and were greeted with a flat sea. Low tide was around 8pm and pegging was to the left missing out the first two bays. As usual this time of year it was the dogfish that most were hoping to find.

The match kicked off and within minutes the first dogfish was on the beach caught by Mister consistent Ian Childerhouse. Shortly after that young Jimmy Shaul managed to find not one but two dogs putting a big smile on his face.

With many struggling to retrieve their gear word came down that a smoothhound had been caught and when the results came in it turned out that Allen Sexton had had indeed caught his first ever smoothhound, a 64cm fish taken on lug.

Trimmingham beach courtesy of Paul Grothier

Trimmingham beach courtesy of Paul Grothier and his drone.

In total 11 dogfish were caught, three of which were caught by the winner, another consistent angler, Luke Childerhouse. In second place was Allen Sexton with his hound, four dabs and a flounder and third was Jimmy Shaul with two dogs, a dab and a pout.

Biggest round fish was shared between Allen’s hound and Paul Grothier who for the third week running found the dogs.

Biggest flatfish was Allen Sextons 29cm flounder.


  1. Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 30pts
  2. Allen Sexton 29pts
  3. Jimmy Shaul Shaul 28pts
  4. Andy Klimik 27pts
  5. Russell Taylor 26pts
  6. Paul Grothier 25pts
  7. Billy Rush 24pts
  8. Ian Childerhouse 23pts
  9. Keith Shaul 22pts
  10. Dave Mathers 21pts
  11. Adrian Bordianu 20pts
  12. Denver Garry 19pts
  13. Roger Cunnington 5pts
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