Humberside/Lincolnshire/Yorkshire report

by David Proudfoot

Local big two in shore action…

Members of the Humber SAC fished the shallows in fine weather conditions. Cod had been scarce over the last week, and most anglers opted to fish for flatties. As such the top three places all went to bags of flatties. Local tackle shop owner Ron Wright was first with7 fish for 3lbs 2oz, with Adie Cooper second on 6 fish for 3lb.The biggest flatfish was a fine flounder of 34cm. As no cod were caught the round fish place went to club chairman Nigel Crabtree also with flounder of 31cm.

Humber SAC continued: This Sunday’s match venue is Killingholme with fishing times from 2pm to 6pm. However with the big two-day event on at Bridlington the attendance is likely to be lower than normal.

The following Saturday the club is hosting match on Courtaulds Straight from 7pm to 11pm. Meet at Tioxides pavilion from 5.45pm.

Grimsby S.A.C.: Just six anglers fished the Grimsby Club roving match as many members were off fishing in other matches. John Mager won with a cod of 2lb 9oz, with Brian McKenzie from Doncaster in second with a flounder of 14oz.

The next match is Saturday March14th. This is another rover from 18:00 till 22:00.

It is indeed the big two-day shore match at Bridlington this weekend where over 1000 anglers will descend on the town. This is great for the local economy as the local restaurants, public houses, fast food outlets and bed and breakfasts all benefit. The fishing has been hit-and-miss, but there have been several reports of very big fish too.

Boats: The Bridlington Open is a great match with a fantastic atmosphere, and there is no reason why a similar two-day boat festival wouldn’t draw anglers from all over the country and be similarly successful. Just look at last weekend… over 250 anglers took to the water in the M and J Wilson cod match. This was another fantastic success and many anglers from out of the area are thinking about joining the club to fish the Humber in the winter. They could not believe how helpful and friendly everyone was, especially with regard to fishing information and marks in the river. I have always said that the HCA club is a marvellous club and they are now one of the biggest boat clubs in the country.

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