Humberside/Lincolnshire/Yorkshire report 05/06

by David Proudfoot

Last weekend it was the Penn Sea League Final with anglers from all over the country beating a path to Samphire Hoe. This is the top match in the country for the anglers who have qualified throughout the year. Humbersider George Smith could not believe it when for the first three hours he never had a bite. At the start of the match a commercial fisherman dropped nets and lobster pots straight in front of his peg.  This did not bode well for George then as the match progressed he decided to fish further out and then the fish started to come in. He climbed up the leader board and finished in 4th position overall, a fantastic achievement given his hampered start.

Garry Hutson also fared better than some of the local anglers with a final place of 12th. This is very good result fishing against some of the top anglers in the country. But then Garry is no push over and can compete at all levels with any one in the country.

Humber SAC were in action at Bohemia last Sunday , the rougher conditions put the smooth hounds off but it favoured those fishing for bass. Aide Cooper had 8 fish including 4 bass, the biggest being 2lb 12oz, he had a total weight of 8lb. He also had the biggest flounder but had to share it with second place Nigel Crabtree who also had a flat of 28cm. Nigel had a total bag weight of 1lb 7oz, then it was Simon Binge 2 fish for 1lb.

It was also the first of Neville Charlesworth summer league matches last weekend, they fished at East Halton. I have not results to hand but I understand that Hull angler Chris Mack was top man in a very hard match when bites were at a premium. The anglers found it very hard to hold bottom with a strong tide running through it made conditions very hard to fish.

The hounds have been a little hit and miss but there have been promising reports of decent catches of bass from the Lincolnshire beaches. Bohemia and Chapel have been good marks to try.

After a relatively quiet spell by his standards, Croxton’s Dave Burr came back to form in the latest Skegness Pier Angling Club (S.P.A.C) match held from Wolla Bank, Chapel. Dave caught 3 flounders and 2 bass at close range, to run out an easy winner with 5lb 7oz. Corby’s Paul Marshall caught nothing for the first 3 hours, then a late flurry of 4 flounders in the last hour put him into second place, with a total weight of 2lb 9oz. The rest of the field struggled to catch in the calm conditions, with Wrangle’s Alan Steadman taking third place with 2 small flounders for 9oz. The Heaviest Round and Heaviest Flat fish prizes both went to Dave Burr, for a 1lb 7oz bass and a 1lb 3oz flounder respectively.

Next SPAC event is the popular Lincolnshire Pairs match, which will be held on Saturday 20 Jun from 3:30 to 7:30pm at Chapel Six Marsh. Contact S.P.A.C Secretary Chas Tibble on 07984 967988 or for further details.

I hope that there is a better attendance for the Lincolnshire Pairs match it was one of my favourite matches , but over the past few years attendances have fallen which is a shame.

In the boats I understand that there are some mackerel showing so I would expect that the tope will not be far behind. In the river there has been a few hounds caught around the 2C and at the 5A on the slacker tides bass, cod and rays have been caught. It seems that you increase your chances of catching a bass by adding a bit of worm.

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