Humberside/Lincolnshire/Yorkshire report 03/07

by David Proudfoot

Last Sunday I was out in my boat Little Eva, with Thomas Marshall, fishing off the Wonderland Sandbank on a few hundred yards out from the shore. Within minutes the rod tip nodded and this resulted in a small smoothhound, probably one of this years pups. The other rod then buckled over and a nice bass was soon to the boat. This continued for the next few hours. Both of us were catching fishing on all types of baits the hounds were falling to squid, ragworm and crab with the bass favouring crab or king rag.

Bearing in mind this is only a few hundred yards off the beach and in fairly shallow water and fishing with very light spinning style rods it is fantastic fun. On one occasion I had a very good hound on and tried to bully it on 10lb line the line snapped it was a case of what snapped first the rod or the line. I am pleased to say that it was the hook trace was the first to go. With using the light tackle you feel every surge and run of the fish and it certainly makes the rod bend. By the end of the session we had landed 35 smooth hounds to around 7lb , 3 bass to 6lb and several flounders. It was one of the most enjoyable sessions I have had for some while.

Whilst we were out there fishing several other boats from the docks were out at the 5A and they were catching cod. Ollie Call in his own boat had six and other boats had rays as well as the cod. This is from a river that many people said was a waste of time fishing in the summer months. The other week Allan Major had 11 species in one boat session. The problem is that we may not have been exploring the area enough. There are reports of good sized turbot and brill and I would love to try live sand eel on the drift to see what can be caught off the sand banks.

Humber SAC were in action last Saturday at Bohemia. The Northerly winds had put off the hounds and it was down to bass and flounders to make up the weights. Adie Cooper was top man finding four bass for 3lb 15 1/2oz and this included the biggest bass of 41cm.  Next was Simon Binge 2lb 4oz and third Frank Cribb 1lb 10oz Frank also had the biggest flatfish of the day a 27cm flounder. The club’s next match is on Sunday at Goxhill fishing 4.15 to 8.15pm.

The club’s biggest match of the year the Smoothhound Open is on the 18th July please check that you have booked in as there has been trouble with Jez Waters. To confirm your entry phone either contact George’s tackle shop, Cleethorpes Angling Centre as they will pass the information on. Presently there are 60 anglers booked in. I would expect this will rise to 100 for match day. The club want to know numbers early because of the pegging required. This year the match is sponsored by Anyfish Anywhere so there will be some excellent tackle on offer as prizes.

if you want bait please do not leave until the last minute order well in advance. The shops have been struggling as some of the crabbers have not been getting very many crabs. This is usually the case this time of year, as the females have stopped peeling and the next batch of males have not started yet. Please be patient with your tackle dealer as they are trying all they can to get in regular supplies.

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