Bass Seals It For Nathan

NAC Match Report 13th Match Summer League 22ndMay 2023 Mundesley

by David Proudfoot

nac-logoWell, the match was planned for Walcott, then Cart Gap and finally held at Mundesley.

  • Walcott – water at high tide would have meant fishing on the walkway by road.
  • Cart Gap – wind / tide would have been difficult to get everyone on beach, but fishable for majority.
  • Mundesley – easier access for everyone, but still head on wind, strong tide.

With venue confirmed following a check of the “gemba” Mundesley was chosen. Always difficult to please everyone but hopefully in time to plan their match switch from Cart Gap to Mundesley but as a club it’s probably the most difficult decision we have to make. It’s a fine line between cancelling the match, when bait ordered, and changing venue. All that said, 23 anglers met up in Mundesley car park for the draw. A big welcome to Alan Devine who joined as a member, hopefully see you at many more matches.

We pegged from near the Lifeboat station (peg 23) towards Cromer. As always, a big thanks for organising the beach, Neil. I think most folk are getting the message to bring their peg back.

Nathan with his bass

Nathan with his bass

Two talking points; Firstly, what is the rule for recording (or not) a shared fish catch? Andy T was unlucky with a 48cm bass which had also been hooked by Simon B. Must have been a very hungry bass! As two anglers caught same fish it was agreed to make it a void catch, heart breaking.

Secondly, the author Simon, in his excitement to show Jim what he thought was a small bass was stung twice by what turned out to be by a weever.

Thanks, Jim, for googling the treatment of immersing in hot water for 15 minutes to kill off the protein based venom. I knew that flask of hot tea was a fishing essential. Its still tingling as I write this report.

The Match

See the various videos from Roger and John S.

With the tide flooding it was like fishing in a washing machine. Very uncomfortable with traces crossing everywhere and difficult to hold bottom. Rods held high seemed to be the order of the night but interesting to see everyone standing by the water’s edge with rods aloft. It was a tough night for both the experienced and inexperienced anglers.

But as we say the cream rises to the top and towards the latter end of the night reports of catches spread along the beach.

Mundesley scoresIn total 29 fish caught, with 10 bass caught. Nathan caught the biggest round fish of the night with a magnificent 63cm specimen. But it took a VAR moment to separate the winner of the biggest flat with the result going to Kev Green for a 30cm flounder, sorry Luke just missed out with your 29cm flounder.

Well done all. Note: both still smaller than a certain Dave S’s Bass earlier in the week, pleasure fishing, or JC’s smooth hound.

The Results

  1. Nathan Drewery Peg 5 4 fish 382 weight points (7lb/15ozs)
  2. Jamie Childerhouse Peg 7 3 fish 321 weight points (6lb/11ozs)
  3. Kev Green Peg 2 5 fish 194 weight points (4lb/1ozs)
  4. Luke Childerhouse Peg 18 5 fish 184 weight points (3lb/13ozs)
  5. Jim Boot Peg 3 3 fish 135 weight points (2lb/13ozs)
  • Match average 29/23 1 fish per angler “ ish”.
  • Biggest Round Fish – 63cm Bass Nathan Drewery Peg 5
  • Biggest Flatfish – 30cm Flounder – Kev Green Peg 2
  • Lucky peg Peg 17 – Eamon Finch

Next week KELLING / KELLING / KELLING – see Facebook event sheet for details.

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