Dunbar Harbour Fee Reductions

by David Proudfoot

After several conversations over the last year or two between the small boat owners and the Dunbar Harbour Trust has resulted in a price reduction for 2014. The price last year was £160 for the season ticket and a day launch price of £16. This year’s prices are reduced to £100 and £10 respectively.

Gary Lawson, the new harbour master, is a big supporter of realistic prices and has shown a commitment to making the habour accessible and affordable to all users.

It is likely that this price change will result in an increase in the numbers of users this year, as well as the new pricing it fished fantastic last year. It is great that the Trust have listened to public opinion, and they are to be applauded for their decision.

Full details of the harbour, its facilities and details of the current works of repair are available on their website.

Photo by: Phillip Capper

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